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quietly delivering quality, since 2001
Me and baby Susan

Current turnaround time: 1-2 business days

New! $5 flat rate shipping for US orders under $50; still free over $50!

Payment Methods:

By clicking one of the links in the "shopping" navigation pull-down, you will be taken to my shopping cart system. You can use PayPal, if you have an account; or you can pay with a credit or debit card. If you choose PayPal, you'll be sent to their site for the payment processing; and if you choose a credit or debit card, you can pay right on my site. In either case, I never see your credit card information, and both methods are secure.

Amazon Pay is also an option; if you choose this method, you will bypass a number of steps in the cart, which is speedy, but it also takes away your ability to specify a shipping address separate from billing, or to leave a clarifying note to me about your order. Also, orders via Amazon Pay seem to fail more frequently than those via PayPal, so I may need to send an invoice through PayPal if that happens.

About PayPal eChecks: If your PayPal account is linked to your bank checking account and not to a credit card, or funds within the PayPal account itself, it will be processed as an eCheck. PayPal's policies state that I may not ship any items until the eCheck has cleared (generally 4-5 business days, although the time period is longer for international orders). Please check where funds come from in your PayPal account before ordering, since an eCheck is processed differently from funded or credit card-linked PayPal. More about PayPal eChecks

Privacy statement:

I hate spam. Spam drives me crazy. I assume that it drives everyone else crazy, too, so I would never even consider for one second selling your information to anyone else, or giving it to them, or letting them have even a glimpse of it. The shopping cart uses a temporary cookie (a bit of code in your browser) to track what you've added to your cart, but that doesn't stick around after the transaction is completed. It does keep a record of your name, address, email address, and IP, which I would use in the future solely in the unlikely event of a product recall. If you would prefer to have your information removed from the database after your purchase, you can email me and I'll delete it. All PayPal® transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy.