wearing your sling:

The safe use of any baby carrier depends on the wearer. Please read the following directions and be sure that you understand them before attempting to use your sling.

Please note: If you have come to my site for directions on how to use a sling made by someone else, be aware that sleeping baby productions is not responsible for the quality/safety of the sling you have purchased. I would recommend reading my fabric faq to double-check that your sling has been sewn out of appropriate materials, and that you contact the manufacturer if you feel that it has not.


  1. Precautions and warnings (PLEASE READ FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR CHILD)
  2. Threading the sling
  3. Putting the sling on
  4. Positions:
    1. Cradle hold and Nursing in the cradle hold
    2. "Football" hold for nursing
    3. Tummy-to-tummy hold and Nursing in the t2t hold
    4. Kangaroo/front-facing
    5. Back carry
    6. Hip carry
  5. Other usage suggestions
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. Folding your sling for storage/travel

New printable directions in PDF format (823 Kb). Please note that these directions took many hours to create and are copyright to me.If you are selling or giving away your SBP sling, or are giving a homemade sling as a gift, please include a copy of these directions.


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