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Zipless Pocket

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Because of the CPSIA regulations and their requirement for third-party testing of completed items that may contain lead, I am no longer offering pockets with zippers -- the cost of testing each zipper would be prohibitive. I have been offering zipless pockets for some years, though, and I feel they are just as secure without adding unnecessary hardware. The top flap keeps your stuff inside under most circumstances (don't go flailing the tail around, now), while the pocket is the same roomy size as the zippered pocket, about 9" wide by 10" deep. The flap overlaps the top of the pocket by around 4". It also has an inside flap that allows you to fold the sling into the pocket when you're not using it. The pocket is made from the same fabric as your sling.

If your order a zipless pocket on a sling with a tail accent, I will put the pocket on the "wrong" side of the tail (the side that faces your body. It will still be usable, but you'll have to twist the tail around to get to it. Please do not order a zipless pocket and a tail accent with a built-in pocket; I can't sew that combination, since the seamline for the pocket will show at the top of the accent's opening and that doesn't look nice. If you order that combination, I will sew the accent without the opening.

If your fabric has a pattern (stripes or other design motifs) AND there is at least 25" of fabric left after cutting the sling, I can match the orientation of the stripes. (With larger-scale patterns, it's not always possible to match the exact pattern of the pocket piece, particularly if the repeat is more than about 4", so please keep that in mind.) This takes a considerably longer time than having the stripes/pattern perpendicular to the sling, so there is an extra charge (it takes me about 3x longer to match patterns). I need at least 25" of fabric after the sling is cut, so if you're ordering a medium sling, the piece must measure at least 100-103" from the center of the taper.

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Plain fabric is for twills, linen, and WCRS that do not have a pattern. Patterned, but okay to be perpendicular is for striped fabrics or those with a design motif, but where it's all right for the pattern in the pocket to be at a right angle to the rest of the tail. Match pattern on WCRS/patterned fabric means I'll fussy-cut stripes to match up. It does not generally work on fabrics with a repeat of more than 4", like large-scale designs or odd stripes, and I can't guarantee a precise match if it's not just stripes. It takes me significantly more time, hence the price difference, and also requires a minimum of 25" extra fabric to cut the piece. The Tekhni wrap fabric is considerably more expensive per yard, so I need to charge a little extra for a pocket made from it.

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