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I'm so very excited about this collaboration! I'd been wanting a rainbow ring sling again for several years -- it's what I think of as my signature sling -- and when Alisa from Tekhni Wovens said she'd work with me on one, I jumped at the chance. For Spectrum and Terra, the design is of stylized DNA strands, each a little different from the next, and because of the way the pattern repeats, each sling will have slightly different designs on the rails. DNA means many things to me: my degree is in biology, and I started babywearing because it enabled me to parent in a way that made the most biological sense. Our DNA is a continuous link not just to our ancestors, but to all of life on Earth. It makes us unique, but it also joins us to each other. It makes us a family regardless of direct genetic relationships. I also have limited-edition exclusives for various fandoms -- watch my Facebook feed for updates on when those are coming and going. Right now, I've got Diastasi "Time and Space", inspired by Doctor Who (a longtime personal favorite of mine).

The fabric is a jacquard woven with a 55% cotton and 45% Repreve blend. Repreve is made from 100% recycled water bottles. It's very strong and durable, and adds cushiness to the fabric without making it warm to wear. You can read more about Repreve on Tekhni's blog.

Age/weight range: Recommended from newborn to preschool and beyond. Tekhni's Repreve blend is soft, but very supportive, and is definitely "toddler-worthy", at the same time gentle and snuggable enough for your infant. Contrast-sewn hems help you find the edges easily, and prevent the hems from digging into your baby's sensitive skin.

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Exclusive Bios: Spectrum
Spectrum: a bright, affirming rainbow interwoven with strands of DNA
Price: $119.00
Exclusive Tekhni: Kouneli Pewter
Kouneli, pewter weave: an exclusive through Fandom Mystery Box, back for more fun!
Price: $119.00
Exclusive Bios: Terra
Terra: shades of earth and of humanity merging with one another, interwoven with strands of DNA
Price: $119.00
Exclusive Tekhni: Diastasi
Diastasi "Time and Space": Inspired by the longest-running sci-fi TV show ever, my personal favorite fandom.
Price: $119.00


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