Is this thing safe? Babywearing safety

Safe babywearing has always been the most important aspect of my business.

  • Because I sew every sling myself, there's never a question of whether the seams are sewn correctly. I've sewn more than 40,000 slings over the last 19 years, and my experience is proven in testing and the long-term safety of slings purchased before the standard became mandatory. I sew every sling as though I'd be using it with my own child.
  • I published my first free set of sewing directions on the internet back in 2002, so that caregivers could make their own ring slings safely and inexpensively, even though that would necessarily cut into my sales. There are now more than a dozen completely free tutorials on my personal website, so caregivers who sew can safely construct carriers without spending extra money.
  • I was part of the founding board of the BCIA (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance) in 2010, and was involved in the writing of the sling standard that's now law. I have also been on the board of Babywearing International (now dissolved) as the liason to the BCIA.
  • I created the pictograms on the standard safety label -- the same ones you'll find on many commercially-produced slings and other carriers.
  • My sling-wearing directions are the product of many hours of work, developed to maximize clarity, and feature a diverse set of illustrated body types, because I believe babywearing is for every caregiver. 
  • You are always welcome to contact me if you have questions about wearing your sling -- I'm here to help!

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