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Me and baby Susan, 2008

it's More than a job: it's my avocation About SBP

There's only one person at Sleeping Baby Productions: me! I've been making ring slings since my first son was born in 2000, and he and his two younger siblings (born in 2003 and 2007) both spent the first few years of their lives in a sling. While my "babies" are now far too big for uppies, I still adore making slings for other caregivers to carry their babies. 

My degree in biology was instrumental in shaping my parenting philosophy. Learning about how evolution has shaped our development suggested that we should be parenting the same way our ancestors did: keeping our babies close, and responding to their needs as often as possible. Because, while our world has changed a great deal in the last few thousand years, our babies are still wired for human contact and lots of it, not for isolation from us. And yet, with all the demands of modern society, we still have only two hands... which is where baby carriers come in.

My first homemade ring sling helped me bring my son to work for his first year, and then helped me start a business from home. Subsequent slings and other carriers allowed me to play with him and meet his needs when his new sibling was born and needed to be held; and then to run errands and my business when our third baby came along. 

While our lives have changed a lot in the almost two decades since our first baby arrived, I've never forgotten how empowering it was for me to be able to make my own baby sling, and so I've continued to host free sewing directions for ring slings and many other carriers on my personal website. It's important for me personally to help everyone wear their babies, whether they have the means to purchase a sling or if they are in a place where DIY is the only way it's going to happen. 

I believe every baby and every caregiver deserves the comfort and freedom of a well-made baby carrier. I hope I can sew one for you or someone you love!

Contact me

If you have a question not covered on my website or in the frequently asked questions, please feel free to contact me!


Email is the best way to contact me! I'm not always online, but I do my best to reply within 24 hours on business days.


I appreciate calls only during normal business hours (9-5 Eastern time), and only if you are unable to resolve your issue via email. I don't answer the phone while driving or otherwise engaged.

Postal mail

If you need to send me something, my address is:

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You can send a message via my Facebook page if you prefer it to email.

Please note

My business is not affiliated with Sleeping Baby Inc, manufacturer of the Zipadee Zip sleep sack. If you need to contact them regarding questions or orders, please go to their website and fill out their contact form. Phone calls and emails to me will not reach them.

The fine print

guarantee and returns:
I take great pride in the craftsmanship of my slings, and sew each one as though I would be using it myself. As such, I am confident that my slings will stand up ably to normal use. However, please examine the ring attachment each time you use the sling to insure that the stitching is secure. If it is not, you may send it back to me and I will refund your shipping costs, fix the sling at no charge, and return it to you, or refund your purchase price, as desired. Also keep in mind that with heavy use and frequent washing, nearly every fabric will break down with time. This should take many years with a sturdy fabric, but if you're using an older sling or one made with a delicate material, please look it over before using it. Any heavily worn spot may tear when stressed.

Because all slings are custom-sewn to order, I cannot accept returns for reasons other than substantive defects in workmanship. If the color is not what you had expected, there are many babywearing swap groups available online, and on Facebook, one specific to SBP slings (search for SBP Sling Swap). I strongly encourage you to read through the relevant information on my site before purchasing to be sure your order will be what you're expecting. I know it's a lot to look at, but each section has some bullet points that will sum up the most important parts, and my email is if you have questions about the color, shoulder style, etc.

safe babywearing, terms of use, and disclaimers:
Before you use the sling for the first time, please be sure that you understand how, either by following my illustrated directions with a doll or other baby-sized item, or more ideally, by practicing with the help of an experienced sling-user.

Please use good judgment and always put your baby's safety first. The sling is intended for babies and children under 35 pounds, although the rings, stitching, and material will hold far more weight. It is not intended to secure or restrain a child in a vehicle (always use a car seat!). Nor should it be used while the wearer is riding a bicycle, operating heavy machinery, participating in sports, or doing anything else that could cause harm to the child or cause the child to fall out of the carrier (as opposed to normal walking and other daily tasks). Always be aware of your child's position in the sling, and keep the fabric as snug as is comfortable; the looser it is, the less safe it may be. Do not use the sling near open flames or high heat, as the fabric is not fire-retardant or -resistant, and neither is your baby! Be aware of the sling tail position as well; with a longer tail, it is advisable to tuck the tail into the body of the sling, throw it over your shoulder, or wrap it around the rings, so that you do not trip over the tail or otherwise become entangled in it.

Finally, as with other sling makers, I must disclaim all liability for any losses or injuries due to the use or misuse of this baby sling. Please use common sense and care while using your sling, and always make sure the fabric and stitching are in good condition before entrusting your child to them.

I hate spam. Spam drives me crazy. I assume that it drives everyone else crazy, too, so I would never even consider for one second selling your information to anyone else, or giving it to them, or letting them have even a glimpse of it. The shopping cart uses a temporary cookie (a bit of code in your browser) to track what you've added to your cart, but that doesn't stick around after the transaction is completed. Your order does create a record of your name, address, email address, and IP, which I would use in the future solely in the unlikely event of a product recall. If you would prefer to have your information removed from the database after your purchase, you can email me and I'll delete it. All PayPal® transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy.

By clicking one of the links in the "shopping" navigation pull-down, you will be taken to my shopping cart system. You can use PayPal, if you have an account; or you can pay with a credit or debit card. If you choose PayPal, you'll be sent to their site for the payment processing; and if you choose a credit or debit card, you can pay right on my site. In either case, I never see your credit card information, and both methods are secure.

Amazon Pay is also an option; if you choose this method, you will bypass a number of steps in the cart, which is speedy, but it also takes away your ability to specify a shipping address separate from billing, or to leave a clarifying note to me about your order. Also, orders via Amazon Pay seem to fail more frequently than those via PayPal, so I may need to send an invoice through PayPal if that happens.

In order to keep my prices low, my packaging is simple. I don't wrap slings in tissue paper, include hang-tags, ribbons, boxes, or any of the other little details that, while they have initial visual appeal, are quickly tossed in the trash, and only add to the cost of the sling. It's definitely not fancy, but it means I can ship to you at cost, instead of adding $2-4 for extra packaging that will only end up in the recycling anyway. I ship via the United States Postal Service Priority Mail. Shipping in the United States is a flat $5 for orders under $50, and free for orders over $50. Please take a minute to be sure the address you fill in on the order form is correct, as it is difficult for me to find the correct address if you have not typed it right! I use's "Click n Ship", and if the USPS does not have your address on file, I will make my best attempts to contact you to get a correct address. I will not ship your package until I either have confirmation of the address, or an alternate address I can ship to. 

I ship within two business days of your order, barring extenuating circumstances. Often I'm able to ship the same day, or within one day. USPS takes between 1-3 business days, depending on how far you are from New Hampshire. You will receive a shipping notification from USPS when I create the label, and a status update will also be sent by my shopping cart, though occasionally those are blocked as spam. 

International Shipping: If you don't see your country on the list when you order, please send me an email and I'll add it for you. NB: Because the labeling laws in Canada differ from the US (labels and other printed materials must be bilingual) and Canada requires flammability testing for all textiles (whereas the weights I use for slings is exempt from testing in the US), I will no longer be shipping to Canada. There are lots and lots of terrific seamstresses in Canada, and you will likely find it less expensive to buy in-country anyway -- though I am sorry for the change.

I love our babywearing educators! Whether you're certified or peer-to-peer, I want to make sure you have an SBP sling on hand. I offer significant discounts for babywearing educators, plus special packages to help you build a library of shoulder styles or fabrics. All you need to do is create an account via the link above, then email me and let me know, and I'll make you eligible for the discounts and special offers.

At the moment, business is slow enough to make wholesale sewing a possibility! This differs from years past, so if you've wanted SBP slings for your store, I can now do them. While prices on my website are not keystoned, my wholesale prices are between 30-45% lower than the retail prices shown on my site. I know this is a lower markdown than the majority of wholesalers offer and I do apologize for the difference. However, because my prices are already quite low, I'm hoping this isn't an impediment.

I am also able to sew wrap conversion slings for retailers, if they provide the wraps; this generally works better than purchasing in-stock slings to resell, since the wraps can be an exclusive to a particular retailer and competition with my site is then not an issue. After the ASTM standards for slings become mandatory, I hope to work with retailers in providing custom and exclusive WCRS services. Please email if you'd like to set up a wholesale account -- I am happy to accommodate you!


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