Me and baby Susan, 2008

 About JAH

I made ring slings starting when my first son was born in 2000, and he and his two younger siblings (born in 2003 and 2007) all spent the first few years of their lives in a sling. While I stopped sewing ring slings in January 2022 (due to overwhelming market pressures -- microbusinesses are just not feasible without extensive time spent in marketing, and I just didn't have that in me anymore), I still love making things, and so now I'm focusing on accessories that make every day delightful.

My past in ring slings:

My degree in biology was instrumental in shaping my parenting philosophy. Learning about how evolution has shaped our development suggested that we should be parenting the same way our ancestors did: keeping our babies close, and responding to their needs as often as possible. Because, while our world has changed a great deal in the last few thousand years, our babies are still wired for human contact and lots of it, not for isolation from us. And yet, with all the demands of modern society, we still have only two hands... which is where baby carriers come in.

My first homemade ring sling helped me bring my son to work for his first year, and then helped me start a business from home. Subsequent slings and other carriers allowed me to play with him and meet his needs when his new sibling was born and needed to be held; and then to run errands and my business when our third baby came along.

While our lives have changed a lot in the almost two decades since our first baby arrived, I've never forgotten how empowering it was for me to be able to make my own baby sling, and so I've continued to host free sewing directions for ring slings and many other carriers on my personal website. It's important for me personally to help everyone wear their babies, especially now that I'm no longer sewing.

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