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quietly delivering quality, since 2001
Me and baby Susan

Current turnaround time: 1-2 business days

New! $5 flat rate shipping for US orders under $50; still free over $50!

faq about ordering and shipping:

I want to order a ______ sling. Do you have it in stock?

The fabrics shown on the website are currently in stock, as long as the number next to the desired color is greater than zero -- that is, you'll see something like this in the option pull-down: Steel Blue (5). That means I have enough Steel Blue to make 5 slings. If the number is (0), that means it's gone. If the fabric doesn't say "non-reorderable" at the top, then I'm likely to get more. For tail accents, once it's gone, it's usually gone. Printed fabrics are like books. A certain amount is printed, and when that yardage is used up, it's unlikely to be reprinted unless it's very, very popular. In addition, I tend to buy my accent fabrics on clearance -- they're already at the end of their print run. Occasionally, it is possible to find the prints on eBay or Etsy, but most of the time, when it's gone, I'm unlikely to ever get more.

I really liked this particular fabric you used to have. Are you going to get more of it?

Due to current and upcoming regulations, I am phasing out all of the non-wholesale fabrics (the ones I can't count on being there the next time I want to order them) in favor of a smaller range of fabric options. So now, many of the fabrics on my site are reorderable: the linens, French twill, and most of the organic fabrics in particular, since I get those from actual fabric wholesaler sites. The rest of the fabrics are really dependent on when I can find them, and I can't guarantee availability on them beyond what's currently listed, so if you see something you like, I'd suggest buying it now.

I am currently all out of Easycare wraps (that includes the rainbow one I'm wearing on the homepage and also the navy/rainbow stripes in the "Anatomy" page) to turn into slings, and the shipping time from Austria has gone from 8 weeks to an astonishing 6-8 months, so it's likely to be a very long time until I have more. I apologize for the inconvenience.

If I want a sling with custom fabric, can I have the supplier send it directly to you?

Absolutely! My address is found on the custom sling page.

Why don't you have pictures of finished slings instead of just swatches?

Because I sew everything to order, I've usually got just enough time to do the sewing and shipping each day. If I had more time, I could probably take a picture of each sling that I sew, but I'd still need to process each picture and add it to the site, which is not a trivial undertaking with as many fabrics as I offer. I know a lot of the other well-known manufacturers have pictures of completed slings, but their slings are sewn in large batches and (not to put too fine a point on it), they charge a lot more, and some of the price includes things like photography. Not many people realize how much it costs to hire a good photographer and models with babies, and scope out a good shooting location, not to mention cropping and color-correcting the photos once they're taken. What it boils down to is that I'd need to raise my prices in order to include photos of each sling, and I'm just not comfortable raising prices for that reason.

How much is shipping?

Please read through the shipping page. There's now a shipping estimator built into the cart -- after you've added your item(s) to the cart, there's a box to put in your zip code, and it will get the numbers from USPS.com. This is far more accurate than any estimate I can give you over email :) If the store is closed and you're unable to use the estimator, you can go to http://postcalc.usps.com/ and enter your zip code (or country) and mine as 03824. Most in-stock slings weigh 12-15oz, and WCRS and the stretch twills are usually a bit more than a pound (put in 1lb 4oz for reference).

How long will it take to get my sling?

All slings are sewn to your specifications after I receive your order. While I work from home, I prefer to keep regular business hours in deference to my family's needs, so I do not make it a practice to sew or ship on the weekends. I often receive more orders than I can sew in a single day; in that case, I will ship as soon as I can. Generally speaking, orders will go out within 2-10 business days, depending on how long the backlog is when the order is placed. I sew all slings in the order in which I receive them -- in-stock fabric slings are sewn in the order in which they were placed, and wrap conversion and custom fabric slings in the order in which I receive the necessary fabric -- to be fair to all my customers.

I ship via USPS Priority Mail. The PO claims this takes 2-3 days, though your mileage may vary. Californians may find that shipping takes more like 4 days, while those on the East coast may receive their slings within a day of shipping.

Will I get a shipping notification and tracking number?

Whenever I ship a sling, I paste the delivery confirmation (or customs form) number into the order information, and then the cart sends an automated status update letting you know the sling has been sent. However, several large email providers -- including but not limited to Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo -- treat all of the automated messages from info@sleepingbaby.net as spam, and they tend to end up in your spam folder. If you have not received an order confirmation email, it's likely that is in your spam folder, and the shipping notification will probably end up there, too. I recommend adding info@sleepingbaby.net to your email whitelist (that's a list of "allowed" emails that won't get sent to spam), but you can always check the status of your order by going to "order status" and entering your email address and order number. Please double-check the spelling on your email address when you order; if there are typos, the messages will not go through.

I live in Canada/Europe, and I don't want to pay the customs handling fee. Can you mark the sling as a gift?

No. Marking a purchased item as a gift is mail fraud, and I would be the one breaking the law (and hence, the one who would be punished if the package were opened -- further information is available on the shipping page). I will mark the package with the value of the sling alone (without the shipping costs). The amount you will pay will depend on your country and/or province; if you dislike paying taxes on purchased items, I would suggest contacting your representatives. If you prefer not to pay the customs handling fee on your purchase, you might want to order from a Canadian sling maker or distributor: Mother's Helper, Up! Mama, Milkface, Honeybunch Baby, The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe, and Hip Bundles are all based in Canada, and shipments from them within Canada will not incur a customs handling fee, just your provincial tax.

What are loyalty points, and how do I use them?

My cart now allows you to accumulate loyalty points when you're logged into your account. Each time you place an order, you earn 5% on the dollar value of your purchase (not including shipping). So if you buy a linen sling for $50, your 50 loyalty points are good for a $2.50 discount the next time you order. If you haven't made an account (and unfortunately, it's not automatic -- you have to create one separately from filling in the information at checkout; perhaps the cart designers will change that with the next update), you can create one and email me to let me know you've done so, and I will retroactively attach any credits you've earned in previous orders. (Please use the same email address for the account that you've used for your previous orders -- that's how the cart links the orders to the account.) You can either use your points each time you order, or save them up and use them all at once; it's up to you. I'm afraid I can't give refunds on current orders based on retroactively-attached credits.

What's this about registration? Should I send in the card?

With the passage of the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) in 2011 came the mandatory inclusion of a post-paid registration card attached to every baby item, no matter how small the company. I already have complete records of each purchase, but that is not legally sufficient. I attach a registration card to each sling, as I am required to do. HOWEVER, because the cards must be post-paid, and that requires a costly permit from the US Postal Service, the cards are not actually free for me to receive -- that's what "postage paid by addressee" means. I pay at least $1.20 per card that is returned, which means I have to account for that fee in my prices. If people just register online, it's basically free for me, but the cards mean I will have to increase my prices if too many people use them. Please, please register online if you're going to register!

What is your return policy?

It's here. Please understand that the 15% restocking fee is added not because I want to be difficult or take your money, but because as a very very very small business, every moment and every dollar counts.

I'm ordering this as a gift, and I want it to be a surprise.

I know it's nice to have a surprise gift, but a sling is a pretty personal item. I think it's best to let the recipient pick out the size, color, and other options -- pockets, rings, etc. Returns and exchanges are possible, but difficult. I think it's better to get it right the first time, even if that means spoiling the surprise. I offer gift certificates, which might be a better option for you.