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This week's message:

I plan to reopen on the morning of August 4, rather than the evening of Aug. 3 as I had previously announced (I think this will make it easier for people to get orders in, and will allow me to keep a better eye on the numbers). I will be requesting that orders be placed only by those who do not already have a sling they can use, so that people without a sling have a chance to get an order in. Because I'd like to take a break with my kids before school starts again, I will be capping orders at no more than 250 slings -- I have had almost no time to just be with and enjoy my children this summer, and they need me, too.

I will be posting regular updates about the precise time I will reopen the store on my Facebook page. If you "like" my page on Facebook you can get them easily, and if you select "get notifications", Facebook will tell you when I post, which is likely the best way to get reminders. Otherwise, you can always refresh the home page here and check the Facebook feed in the lower right to see what I've posted.

While the store is closed, the "add to cart" button has been removed to keep new orders from being placed. (Clicking "next" will just take you to the next product, not the next step in ordering.)


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