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This week's message:

That has to be the shortest time I've been open pretty much ever -- more than 300 slings ordered in 24 hours. I'm terribly sorry if you weren't able to get an order in -- I really had to cap it at 300 slings in order to keep the closure time to three weeks. I hope to reopen on August 3, at which time I will be requesting that orders be placed only by those who do not already have a sling they can use, so that people without a sling have a chance to get an order in.

I will be posting regular updates about the precise time I will reopen the store on my Facebook page. If you "like" my page on Facebook you can get them easily, and if you select "get notifications", Facebook will tell you when I post, which is likely the best way to get reminders. Otherwise, you can always refresh the home page here and check the Facebook feed in the lower right to see what I've posted.

While the store is closed, the "add to cart" button has been removed to keep new orders from being placed. (Clicking "next" will just take you to the next product, not the next step in ordering.)



  1. Precautions and warnings
  2. Threading the sling
  3. Putting the sling on
  4. Positions:
    1. Cradle hold and Nursing in the cradle hold
    2. "Football" hold for nursing
    3. Tummy-to-tummy hold and Nursing in the t2t hold
    4. Kangaroo/front-facing
    5. Back carry
    6. Hip carry
  5. Other usage suggestions
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. Folding your sling for storage/travel

Hip carry:

This is terrific for older babies (those with good head/neck control) all the way up through toddlerhood. Depending on the size of your baby, you will probably be able to start hip carrying him between 6 and 9 months of age. Sophia is almost three in these pictures, and still loves to be carried in the sling.

Tighten up the bottom of the sling so that it makes a pouch for her to sit in. Then start by holding the child on the shoulder opposite the rings, as though you were going to burp her.

Keeping one hand on her bottom at all times, slide her legs into the sling (a little trickier for toddlers; you'll need to bend their legs and tuck them in).

Your baby's legs should straddle your hip, just as though you were carrying her without a sling. Ideally, her bottom will be a little lower than her knees, and the sling fabric should be snugged up just behind her knees. This way, her weight is held by her bottom, not her legs; that's more comfortable for both of you.

Spread the fabric out over your child's back. If you are slinging an older baby or need to keep your toddler's hands contained, it should go over his shoulders. For toddlers who can have their hands free, around the armpits will suffice. You can start in this position for a toddler back carry as well, or shift him around more towards your front for nursing.

Of course, this isn't just for babies (or even toddlers)! I don't do it on a regular basis, but Stephen (now 6) still occasionally requests a sling ride himself when he's really tired.

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