Why sleeping baby productions? How it's made

I sew every sling myself -- start to finish. There's no middle man (just Jan!). So you know that your sling will be made under fair conditions in the US. I used ring slings almost exclusively with my three kids (now 20, 17, and 13) and so my design decisions are all born of long experience. Here are some of the features I incorporate in each sling.

Pleated shoulder

I first started making pleated slings in 2001. Now pleats are practically an industry standard (along with a gathered shoulder), because it's so easy to put on and get comfy. I also offer a hybrid, the Eesti shoulder, on select fabrics.

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Contrast hems

My slings are made with a 1/2" folded hem. All raw edges are fully enclosed, and the hems face the outside of the sling in the body to minimize red marks on your baby's legs. On jacquard-woven slings, this also helps you quickly identify the edges when it's time to adjust the sling.

SlingRings rings

I use only genuine SlingRings© rings on all my slings. They are individualy safety-tested and have never been recalled, unlike many rings made outside the US. They come in 18 gorgeous colors, and you get to pick the color you like best for your sling. Whether you want them to blend in or stand out, you'll know they're safe for the life of your sling.

Not one-size fits all

I'm a plus-sized woman, and it's always irritated me when clothing and carriers are available only in "average" sizes, or when plus sizes are more expensive. I offer seven sizes in a range from XS to 3XL, and am happy to cut a sling as long as you need it at no extra charge. I believe in inclusivity and always have, so you won't find size barriers to babywearing at SBP.  A size medium is fine for many users, but if you're especially petite, or a 3XL like me, it's nice to have a sling whose length is calculated for your size.

Selecting a size is easy: just pick your snug-fitting t-shirt size.

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Want to make your sling even more personal? Add a colorful tail accent, a cleverly-folded pocket, or a zippered pouch that snaps onto your rings and can also be used as a wristlet. 

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