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Here's a Stephen-to-English dictionary for your edification: (sorted by sound)

(sorted by date here)

I say all these words!
Stephen: English: Date Added:
[random gibberish] Don't you just wish you could understand me?  
Abpa? Can I have some apple? 5/24
Ah? Ah? Ah? Ah? [pointing] Give me something right now! You figure out what it is! But I want it right now! Now! NOOOOOW!  
Bah! There's a ball (or balloon)! Mine!  
Bed! Come to bed! It's time to sleep! 3/20
Bee? Is that a baby I see before me?  
Beed? Beed! Is this a bird? This is a bird!  
Beep! (Touching finger to nose) 3/21
Bike Let's go for a bike ride! 5/1
Bleeeaaah! His contribution when I say, "That's yucky!"  
Boat You know, the things that float in the water... 6/7
Bob! It's Grandpa Bob! 5/8
Bocki! Broccoli! (His favorite vegetable!) 5/10
Boo-gies Um... nose goblins... 6/7
BOHK! Bonk! (Usually accompanied by hitting and subsequent "No hitting!" from us.)
(May also indicate "Errrrr... bonk," in which he falls onto the bed for sport.)
Bok. Here's a box.OR Here's a block!  
Boo! (Jumping out and scaring one) 5/17
Book! Read to me, Mama!  
Boon! It's a balloon! 5/18
Bow! I have a bowl -- put something to eat in it! 5/10
Boy! Kids who are not babies... boys or girls. 5/16
Brrrr! That object is cold / I am cold / that cream you're putting on me is cold / I feel like saying "Brrr!"  
Buhsss! Here's a hairbrush, brush my hair! 3/18
Bun? Can I please push that button? 5/9
Bus! Is that a bus I see? OR I see a bus! (Also for truck or train) (was: der bis?) 2/21
Bye, bye! [wave] Go away! OR, I am going. OR, We are going! OR, Good night!  
Cack? Can I have crackers [or another food from the pantry]? 3/4
Ca-ie! Car! 5/18
Call? Can we call someone on the phone? 5/15
Chick! Chicken/chick -- strangely, applies to both the animal and the food... 5/21
Choo choo! Train!  
Cok cok cok! Answer to "What noise does a duck make?"  
Cow! You know, that thing that goes 'Mooo!' 4/27
Dada! There's Dada!  
Dahce? Please dance with me OR Watch me dance! 5/23
Dah-pee Diaper, as in, "Please change my diaper." 4/18
Dark! It's dark! (Usually followed by turning on the light.)  
Deet! Hey, look, it's your teeth!! Hey, here's mine! Isn't this a great game?  
De-is? (was: Eyeis?) What's this?  
Doggie! There's a dog! (Was: "Daaaaagk? [yip yip yip!]) Also horses, goats, sheep, and other quadrapeds not kitty in nature. 5/4
Doh-ie Door! 6/6
Doooooown? Can we go downstairs?  
Dopf! Stop (as in stop sign) 4/18
Duck! It's a duck! 3/10
Eat! Give me food! Now!  
Eeeea? Mind if I pull your ears? 3/22
Eeek! (The noise a monkey or ape makes) May also mean "itch" 3/19
Ee-ik Uncle Eryk, or any male around Dada's age who isn't Dada (that is to say, Uncle Brian) 5/7
Eye! Does it hurt when I poke you in the eye? Too bad. It's the only way I know to point this out so you'll understand. 3/19
F**k! I don't know what this means, but it sure makes the grownups laugh... and cringe. What's up with that? (Yeah, we're sorry about that one. I have *no* idea where he picked it up ;) 4/7
Facie! Face 5/13
Feet! Hey, it's my feet! Bite them! Tickle them! Love them! 4/6
Fissie! It's a fish!  
Foc! Despite the homonym, seems to mean "Frog" or "Fox," depending on what he's looking at. 4/28
Fon! It's a fan! Cool! 5/23
Fork! Give me a fork to eat with! [Pronounced "fook"] 5/10
Fry! Gimme that french fry now and no one gets hurt! 4/22
Fun! This is fun! (Also appears as "funny") 5/5
Go beep? Take me on the elevator immediately! (No longer used)  
Gone! All gone! (Usually food-related) 5/20
Goo bus School bus 6/5
Grrrr! Answer to "What noise does a bear make?"  
Happy! I'm happy! Are you? 5/4
Hay? So, this stuff is my hair, yes? 3/23
Hi! [wave] What, you again? Also, high (4/30)  
Hock? Let's hug! (Now used when he wants to be picked up.) 3/15
Hond? Hold my hand while we walk? 5/7
Hoo! Hoo! The noise an owl makes 5/28
HOT! That object is [warm, bright, food of some kind, a mobile*]  
Huht. That hurt. (Or, are you hurt?) 5/6
Kick! I am a great martial artist! Fear my feet of terror! 4/6
Knee (Yep, knee) 6/3
Meowwww! (The noise a cat makes now) 3/18
Mommy! was: Mama! There's Mommy! 3/2
Mooooo! Answer to "What noise does a cow make?" (Was: MMMMMM!)  
Moomie? Can I watch a movie? 6/4
My! Mine! (Here it begins...) 4/20
Nah my... Not sure what this means... he walks around shaking his head and saying this. May be "Not me," or "Not mine," but the context doesn't make it clear. 3/26
Nap? Time for a little sleep, eh? 4/25
Niss? Can we nurse now? 3/21
Noooo! I'm not [doing, eating, looking at, going in] that! How dare you even suggest it?  
Ock! It's my sock! Look, I can take it off! Can you put it back on? (now see "sock") 3/21
Off! Turn that computer off right now, young lady, and come downstairs with me! (Also for TV, radio, etc.) 3/27
On! Turn that _____ on! 5/10
Open? Could you open this for me? Right now? 6/2
Ow. Sorry, did you hurt yourself? 3/25
Pas-ie Pasta, please! 5/6
Pease? Please? 4/10
Phone? Aren't you going to call someone? [Pronounced "fawn"] 5/30
Piece! Morphed from "be-is" to "piece" for penis. ALSO, can I have a little of what you're having? (Homonyms, people!) 4/19
Pig! There's a pink, four-legged, non-Kosher animal... porcine, I believe. 4/27
Pity! That's pretty!  
Ponts! I'm going to put on my pants now. 6/1
Poop! (Yes, poop.) 5/15
Potty! Gonna go sit on that funny chair, huh? 4/24
Pun! It's a pen! 5/23
Rah-ie! Fear me! I am a ferocious bear/lion/something scary! 4/15
Sadt. How sad! 6/2
Sah-ie! Sorry! 5/4
Sboon? Spoon 5/12
Scheeees? Can I have some cheese [or another food from the refrigerator]?  
Seat? Am I going in my carseat? Oh, boy! 4/9
See? It's a CD! 6/2
Seep! Time to go to sleep! (Also appears as "seepy" when he's ready for bed.) 4/9
Shhh! (Holds finger up to lips) Be quiet, you! (Said just now when he saw a picture of a sleeping baby.) 4/16
Shoe That thing that goes on my foot... yeah, that. 4/17
Siee! I'm silly, aren't I? 5/27
Sirt! Put on/take off my shirt! 6/1
Sock! I'm getting cold feet -- put those socks on me! Or, those are socks. 4/12
Song? Please put on some music or sing to me! 5/19
Talk? (!) The things that people say, or, the noises that things make. 5/16
Tee! There's a kitty!  
Tis? Kiss me, you fool! 3/23
Tow. Hey, it's a towel. I'm sure I could use it for hitch-hiking... 3/25
Tray! Train!  
TWO! (The very emphatic answer we get when we ask "How old are you?") 5/14
Uh-oh! Mama/Dada is doing badly on her/his computer game! OR I am doing something bad.  
Ummy? Can I have something good to eat? 5/29
UP! I'm going upstairs! Now also indicates something high.  
Us! You and me, kid. 4/10
Wa-ie? Is it bathtime yet? OR, Can I have a drink of water? 3/16
Walk! Take me for a walk -- if you don't, I'll cry! 3/13
Wash! Time to get clean! 4/24
Watch! What a fascinating timepiece that is! 4/25
Week? Is Dada at work? 4/30
Whee! (Noise made when going on swing, slide, or on bumpy roads)  
Whoa! Hey, that was cool! 4/14
Wing [Wedding ring, usually] 6/3
Woof! The noise a dog makes when not saying "yip yip yip!" 4/6
Wow! (Said in an awed hush) Golly gee, what do you think of that? 3/19
Yahbie Library! (He looooves the library.) 6/5
Ye-ow! It's yellow! (Also for purple, sometimes.) 5/17
Yes! Affirmative, parental unit.  
You! His comment when I say, "That's you in the mirror!" Also now when he sees pictures of himself -- he points and says, "You!" 5/3
Yucky! How unpleasant. 4/18
Yummy! How delightful! 4/21
Zee! It's a zebra! 3/28
* A mobile is "hot" because we blow on hot foods, and we also blow on mobiles to make them move!

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