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The third 'sleeping baby' in a long-discontinued, but still very loved, rainbow sling, 14 years ago

It's been 20+ great yearsShop announcement

Jan and baby Susan, 2007I've been sewing slings for twenty-one years, too, and it's been a business for 20 years. When I started, I never imagined the success I'd have in the mid-2010s, and I certainly never imagined I'd still be making slings when my first "sleeping baby" was a college student.

And in the heyday of the 2013-15 babywearing world, I couldn't predict the changes the sling standard would bring to the babywearing world, nor what it would do to my business. Adding in the easy availability of cheap slings on huge e-commerce sites, the last several years have been extremely difficult for independent sewists like me. The costs associated with testing to the sling standard, insurance, and just the everyday business expenses like fabric and notions mean that several months of sales are wiped out before the break-even point.

With all those factors at play, I've made the difficult decision to stop sewing slings with the anniversary of my CPSC testing date (January 19, 2022). I can't begin to tell you all how wonderful it's been to be a part of your babies' first years. All the custom slings I was able to sew before the standard went into effect, all the friends I made through and beyond, all your notes and comments I've cherished... I'm beyond honored to have been able to help a generation of caregivers stay close to their babies. I wouldn't change a thing about SBP in the last two decades, and I'm so glad you've been on this journey with me.

my PromiseTo You

When you bought a sling from sleeping baby productions LLC, you got a sling that was custom sewn with your comfort and your baby's safety first in mind. Every sling was made to meet and exceed the standards set forth by US regulations (CPSIA and ASTM F2709).

I was on the founding board of the BCIA (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance) and am still an active member. My commitment to safe babywearing goes back almost 20 years, with "babies on bodies", not profit-making, as my primary motivation.

I believe that babywearing is for every caregiver. I have hosted free sewing directions for ring slings and other carriers since the early 2000s, and I frequently donate to direct-action and non-profit parenting/babywearing groups.


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