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I have plenty of these fabrics on hand; if the quantity for a given size is zero, it just means I will be adding stock again sometime soon (when I finish sewing the current round of orders). If you try to add something with a quantity of zero to your cart, a message will pop up where you can input your email address and the cart will send an automated email when I add stock.

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Fabric Face Mask: Moonlit blooms
Deep blue watercolor flowers with highlights in pink and yellow, all on a navy blue background.
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Think positive
Cascades of plus signs in shades of teal, on a light silver gray background
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Wildflowers
A deep green field covered in daisies, clover, goldenrod, and ferns. Slip into summer!
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Astro Pegasus
Grayscale pegasuses (pegasii?) surrounded by astronomical symbols and orbits an a charcoal gray background.
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Rainbow's End
Pegasuses (pegasii?) frolic on a periwinkle blue background accompanied by abstract landscape features
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Rogue Planets
Stars and planets scattered on a charcoal-gray background
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Tangrams
Triangles in red, pink, yellow, and turquoise arranged in abstract patterns on an eggshell background
Price: $10.00


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