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"...You can afford her fees!"
"...prices are extremely reasonable..."
Some design firms may charge many hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get a web site up and running, often with extra "features" that small businesses simply do not need. If you only want a small promotional website with things like directions to your physical location, testimonials from pleased customers, or pictures of the things you sell or create, there's no need to build a database-driven site like or eBay. A few pages written in good HTML will do the trick for most small enterprises... and I can do that for a fraction of the cost of other web designers.

Small Businesses:

If you do not currently have non-profit status, my fees are:

  • $600 for initial site setup, $30/hour after setup is complete (for updates, additions, etc).
  • Initial site setup includes:
    • Scanning of existing graphics, or creation of new ones if necessary;
    • Digital pictures taken on site (if site is within the Seacoast, NH, area);
    • Three page design alternatives;
    • Two hours of meetings, within Seacoast area; otherwise, communication via telephone or email is desired;
    • Site upload and link building.
    • Total work hours: around 40.
  • After setup, we may contract for me to do site updates, or I can provide you with instructions and templates for doing it yourself.
  • You will be responsible for signup and payment to the hosting company, if you do not already have site hosting, and for domain name registration. I will work to find you the best features for the least cost.
  • My payment policy is as follows:
    • 50% of the total agreed-upon amount is due before I start actual work on the site (beyond page design alternatives).
    • Another 25% will be due once a design is finalized, but before I create all of the necessary web pages.
    • The final 25% is due before the site goes live.

Non-profits and very, very small (i.e. home-based) businesses:

  • Work done as above. Non-profits and not-for-profits receive a 20% discount on the initial site setup package ($480 vs. $600). Hourly rate negotiable based on your needs.
  • Barter and service-for-service also acceptable.
  • While I am sensitive to the unique financial needs of home-based businesses, I need to get paid for my work as well. I will be happy to set up an installment plans if it is necessary, but will expect my client to pay on time as scheduled.

Please take a moment to read through the sample contract.

Academic groups at UNH:

Please contact me at if you are interested in having a page done for your group.

Why are my rates so low?

Small business owners work hard for their revenue, and it's only fair that I work hard for them.I've looked at what some other design firms charge, and apparently, I am seriously undercharging for my services! Some firms charge as much as $10,000 for a simple informational site. That is just bonkers.

I keep my fees low for two reasons. Philosophically, I believe that small businesses have just as much right to a nice site as large ones do, and they shouldn't have to go into debt to get one.

Practically speaking, since I work from home, I have very low overhead costs, and since it's just me (with occasional help from my husband), I don't have any employees to pay. What I charge is essentially my hourly rate, with no unnecessary additions. I could charge more, but I want to see as many people get the best website they can, no matter how little they can afford.

More expensive does not always equal better.Please don't think that since you won't pay as much, you won't be getting as good a site. I've seen the work of some of those larger firms, and I am decidedly not impressed. One gentleman showed me a site he had paid thousands of dollars for, and it was something I could have put together in a few hours... if I had wanted to be so sloppy.

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