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Old-style script on a cream background

Each includes a wire for better fit along the nose; your choice of elastic or a ribbon for tying (both around the head, not around your ears); a pocket for filter material; and four sizes to provide a good fit for your face (essential for best protection). Made with an outer layer of high-quality, tightly-woven quilting fabric, and an inner layer of sturdy, soft French twill with its brushed side out for comfort. While not a substitute for an N95 mask, a cloth face mask can provide you and your family with some protection from the spread of viruses (and help prevent you from spreading them to others). This protection is increased with the use of a filter material, like a ZEP disposable shop towel, two layers of facial tissue, paper towel, or coffee filter.

Choosing a size:

  • Adult XL: for fuller faces, folks with beards (longer beards do decrease the filtering capability of a mask, since particles can enter along the sides), and individuals over 6' tall. (This is the size my husband wears; he has a larger head and a short beard)
  • Adult large: for larger adults or teens of most heights with fuller faces (this is the size I wear; I'm 5'11" and overweight)
  • Adult medium: for average-sized adults and teens. (This is the size my teens wear.)
  • Adult small/tween: for petite adults, 5'2" and under, and tweens. (This is the size my 12-year-old, who is about 5'1", wears)
  • Child: for children under age 10.
  • Face masks should never be used by children under age 2, and especially not babies! The risk of rebreathing CO2 is much higher with babies and toddlers, and can lead to reduced blood oxygen.
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 Masks come threaded for around-the-head elastic, where the elastic can be tied by the wearer in the most comfortable position, and then left tied for ease of use. You may also request grosgrain ribbon, which is looped in the same way but can be re-tied at each wearing. If you prefer ear loops, select the last option, and your mask will come with silicone cord stoppers to match the elastic color and a bobby pin to help you thread the stoppers onto the elastic. Directions to convert the elastic are available at https://www.sleepingbaby.net/earloops.php.
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