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100% linen

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Linen may just be the best sling fabric there is. Before cotton was widely cultivated, linen was the go-to fabric for just about everything -- daily wear, bedclothes, accessories... if it was sewn, it was made with linen. It's strong, supportive, long-wearing, and is especially terrific for hot climates, since the fibers tend to wick moisture away and allow it to evaporate, rather than holding it in place as cotton tends to do. Soft but slightly crisp when you first open the package, it gets softer with every wash cycle, so do wash before using it for the first time. Its reputation for wrinkles is deserved, but that rumpled look is, after all, quite sought-after these days, and it can be smoothed out with a quick ironing if you're so inclined. I find it quite supportive in a single layer.

Do note: my linen is not from Fabrics-Store.com (unlike most of the linen slings you'll find on Etsy and even some higher-end brands). I used theirs years ago, but had many complaints that the linen had a long break-in period, and also I was getting more emails than I would have liked that small holes were cropping up in the weave after just a couple of wash cycles. My source is a higher quality, and the softening process the fabric undergoes gives it a lovely softness after just one wash/dry cycle.

Recommended from newborn to around 30 pounds. The fabric will certainly hold up to at least 35 pounds, but becomes less comfortable for long periods of time with increasing weights. I have used one with my three-year-old, who weighed about 32 pounds at the time, and it was fine for periods of up to 30 minutes, which is generally all a toddler will want for that up-and-down stage.

*As always, the color on your monitor may differ from mine. I have done the best I can to color-correct the photos for my monitor, but there is such a wide variety of devices in use now, it's impossible for me to guarantee that what I see on my computer will be the same as what you see on your device. If the accuracy of color is absolutely vital to you and you are not sure you're seeing the correct color, please email before ordering, as I do not provide returns or exchanges for color.

This fabric can be machine-washed in cold water and tumble-dried on low. Your sling is cut a several inches longer than specified to accommodate the expected shrinkage. I recommend washing before wearing to remove residues left from fabric manufacturing, and to soften the fabric; while it is initially quite crisp, machine washing and drying will soften it considerably. Linen is prone to wrinkling if left crumpled in a heap, but a few minutes with an iron on low heat should be sufficient to remove wrinkles.

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Michael Miller prints
Fantastic and fabulous prints to enliven your sling!
Batik tail accents
More coming soon!
Fun tail accents
Prints by other designers
Tail accent, sent by customer
Not finding a print you like? You can send your own fabric to me.
Ribbon trim
Ribbon trim - $5.00
Add visual interest without making it too busy. Optional pocket trim as well!
Zipless Pocket
Secure but easy to access, a zipless pocket is big enough for the essentials.
Snap-on Sling Pouch
Using your sling tail as a cover? A snap-on pouch/wristlet allows you to carry small items without adding bulk to the tail.
TARDIS pocket
Show your Whovian pride! Works best on a TARDIS-blue linen sling.
Companion Cube Pocket
Now you're babywearing with portals!
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- 06/15/2017

I fell in love with ring slings with my first baby through my local BWI chapter. I tried a lot of brands through their lending library but my favorite was always the Sleeping Baby Productions linen sling. So light, breathable and supportive.

With my second baby I decided I needed to buy one for myself. I ended up with the mermaid green with bronze rings and floating gathered shoulder. It's beautiful! And I appreciate how nicely the material breaks in after just one wash.

My first and my favorite!

- 05/24/2017

This was the first carrier I owned with my now 4 year old. I don't know how I would have survived her newborn phase without it and even now she'll ask me to put her up for a bit - that never lasts longer than a few minutes anymore but with this easy ring sling, that's okay! Can't beat the price and the quality is excellent. I recommend SBP slings to all of my friends. In fact, I'm here now to buy one for a friend who's expecting soon!

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100% linen

Please keep in mind that your device may not display the same color mine does. If you feel very strongly about the color, please email me with your concerns.


Generally your snug-fitting t-shirt size. Click the Size calculator tab above for a calculator, or see the sizing page for more in-depth information.


Choices can be seen on the shoulder styles page.


Colors can vary slightly from batch to batch, and may not match the photo exactly. If you feel very strongly about the color, please email me with your concerns.

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