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two layered, comfortablefabric face masks

Each includes a wire for better fit around the nose; your choice of elastic or a ribbon for tying (both threaded to go around the head, not around your ears, though you can cut the elastic in half for ear loops if you prefer those); a pocket for filter material; and five sizes to provide a good fit for your face (essential for best protection). Made with an outer layer of high-quality, tightly-woven quilting fabric, and an inner layer of sturdy, soft French twill with its brushed side out for comfort.

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Fabric Face Mask: Fossil dig
Dinosaur skulls, ammonites, femurs, footprints, and plants litter a sienna background for any budding (or mature) paleontologist.
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Girl Science
Sweet cartoon girls in white labcoats, surrounded by science paraphernalia, atop a gray on black grid
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Classic novels
Nearly photorealistic shelves of classic, antique volumes including Don Quixote, War & Peace, and Paradise Lost.
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Astrophysics
Inspired by Katherine Johnson's NASA blackboard, equations, formulae, and some oddities (like infinity over infinity?) in white on a sky blue background.
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Glitter stars
Stars in shades of blue, plus a fair amount of mostly ingrained glitter, on a dark blue background. (Warning: some glitter will inevitably rub off, but most stays put.)
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Rainbow Unicorns
When I was a kid, Lisa Frank was *everything*. This isn't quite LF, but it's pretty close!
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Comforting phrases
Strangers probably shouldn't get close enough to read these, but it's the thought that counts?
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Classic children's lit
Lavishly illustrated books -- probably not advisable to read most of these to kids anymore, but they're pretty.
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Music toss
Colorful music symbols on a black background, with a very subtle twining staff running behind.
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Rainbow tiles
Tiny line-drawn rainbows arranged in tiled pinwheel quartets. Cute and friendly!
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Scissor toss
By request of a hair stylist, scissors!
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Rainbow sign language
American sign language alphabet printed on a watercolor-style rainbow.
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Constellations
Silvery metallic constellations (accurately drawn, but not positioned) and stars on a royal blue background, NASA-licensed and everything.
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Jade
Light and saturated, crayon green
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Spring
Soft yellowish green like the first buds of spring
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Bookworms
If the virustimes have increased your reading time, tell the world with your face! (limited print)
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Pastel rainbow
Less saturated and more springy than rainbow pride, a fun print for sunny and rainy days alike. (limited print)
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: NASA Mission Patches
Celebrate the apogee of space shuttle days with this print on ctormy gray.
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Rainbow pride
Marches may have been postponed, but you can still wear your pride every day <3
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Moonlit blooms
Deep blue watercolor flowers with highlights in pink and yellow, all on a navy blue background.
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Think positive
Cascades of plus signs in shades of teal, on a light silver gray background
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Wildflowers
A deep green field covered in daisies, clover, goldenrod, and ferns. Slip into summer!
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Astro Pegasus
Grayscale pegasuses (pegasii?) surrounded by astronomical symbols and orbits an a charcoal gray background.
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Rainbow's End
Pegasuses (pegasii?) frolic on a periwinkle blue background accompanied by abstract landscape features
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Rogue Planets
Stars and planets scattered on a charcoal-gray background
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Tangrams
Triangles in red, pink, yellow, and turquoise arranged in abstract patterns on an eggshell background
Price: $10.00


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