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Breastfeeder's Diaper Bag/Purse: Simple and Small!

Updated 10 January 2006 to clarify directions and to add labeled pictures of finished bag.

other versions:

New! Breastfeeder's LITE Diaper Bag/Purse!

Sometimes even the regular version of this bag can feel too big, so here's a smaller one that's also easier to sew!

the "hippie mama" breastfeeder's bag, by request of the cloth-diapering ladies of!

This version of the original bag is two inches wider, as well as another inch deeper in the main pouch. This will (hopefully) make it big enough to hold a reasonable supply of cloth diapers, as well as the wipes box (or baggie of washcloths, as the case may be). The smaller pouch is the same depth as in the original bag, but is two inches wider. The flap pocket is also wider and taller. Please send feedback if you decide to sew this one!

Download the PDF, 114K

I made the pattern for this bag because I was frustrated by the lack of bags -- diaper and otherwise -- that fit my criteria. All the diaper bags out there were humongous, with enormous pockets meant for holding bottles, many changes of clo thes, and far more diapers than I'd ever use in a single outing. And with all that space, there were still not enough pockets for my stuff (wallet, keys, sunglasses, etc.).

This bag has two pockets that lead into the strap (an across- the-body strap), a flat pocket on the back (for small selections of coupons, JoAnn Fabric flyers, and other flat paperwork), two side pockets on the main pouch (good for holding pens, chopsticks, folding fans, knives, etc.), a smaller pocket on the flap for keys or whatever, a large pouch for 3 disposable diapers and a portable wipes box, and a smaller pouch with elastic on the top for wallet, sunglasses, and bigger "mom" stuff. One of the nice things about this bag is that after the baby is out of diapers, the bag still useful, as the larger pocket is a great size for paperback books, toys, and other fun things.

This pattern is copyright to me (Jan Andrea) and is NOT for resale under ANY circumstances!

See some pictures:

Labeled pictures (photos courtesy ChristineG):

Christine used snaps as closures instead of hook and loop tape, and added an extension to the flap when she found that the flap piece, as I created it, was too short to go around the volume of stuff she had in her bag. If you plan to put a lot of stuff in your bag, you may wish to cut the flap longer initially -- about 3" should be sufficient. I hope these pictures help clear up any confusion about the bag!

Materials needed:

the bag pattern exists in two forms:

the GIF Pieces: (click on each for full-sized gif)

Front flap Main pouch Main pouch sides (in two pieces) Small pouch sides, side pockets
Small pouch Flap pocket Strap pockets

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