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Step-by-step photographic drections for "floating" rings shoulder

Photos taken by and copyright to Corrine -- please visit her website for information about purchasing one of her slings, or Tessa's site for one of her custom-made slings. Using a copyrighted pattern and making products to resell is copyright infringement. It is illegal to manufacture products from copyrighted patterns with the purpose to resell them. This unfortunately does affect the business of the designer who makes the pattern available in the first place and also the integrity of the style when it is reproduced and sold made of possibly inadequate fabrics or methods that have not been properly tested. We ask that you respect the effort that went into creating this design and not resell it or any variation of it based on this pattern. Of course, making a sling for personal use or as a gift is perfectly fine!

Plan to add 9-12" to the length of your sling (see sling sizing for more information) to accomodate the extra fabric needed for this design.

1. The centerfold (in sewing terms, a box pleat) is shown partially unfolded. To make a box pleat, mark the middle of the fabric, and divide the fabric into thirds on each side (so, if your fabric is 30" wide, each section will be 5" wide), then fold the fabric as shown.

2. Centerfold, shown neatly ironend and properly laid-out. This will be the underside of the shoulder when the sling is finished.

3. Fold the raw edge up by about 1/2"

4. The raw edge is ironed flat; 18" is shown between the fold and where the stitching will go. If you are larger or have broader shoulders, this can be as long as 24". You may wish to baste along the marked stitching line.
5. Rings threaded on between the fold and the stitching line.
6. Rings fully enclosed, fabric pinned in place for sewing.
7. Rings neatly sewn in with two lines of stitching ( the stitch is a triple stitch, where the needle goes back and forth within the fabric, so each line is actually three rows of stitching -- if your machine doesn't have this stitch built in, just do three rows of regular stitching, each about 1/8-1/4" from the previous one).
8. Sling being worn -- rings can be worn high on the shoulder, giving more room for the baby in the pouch. The "extra" fabric above the rings also adds the feeling of padding without actually needing to include padding (although you could easily sandwich a piece of batting in there if you wanted to).

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