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SBP as Jan Andrea Handmade Useful little bags

With sling sales slowing down, I started making small bags for a local boutique, and for craft shows. Craft shows aren't happening this year, and the boutique is well-stocked, so you get the boutique shopping from home now.

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Clip on triangle pouch
Clip this tiny pouch wherever you like -- zipper pulls, hardware on the inside or outside of your bag, or even on a belt loop. Each side is about 4" long.
Price: $10.00
Dice and ditty bag
I was looking for a simple but effective way to corral dice when gaming; this does just that!
Price: $20.00
Stand-up pouch
I learned how to make these clever pencil bags from Sewing Times on YouTube, but if you don't have time to sew, here's some already made.
Price: $20.00


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