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Reversible pleats: Step-by-Step photographic direcions

Begin with your two fabrics sewn securely together. This seam is a serged seam (2 lines of stitching plus overcast edge) followed by topstitching on the brocade side, though the latter doesn't show. Silk and brocade fabrics tend to fray much easier than other fabrics, so be sure this seam is really strong!

Wrong side shown (right sides are together); fabric is folded in half the long way. Stitching begins 2-3" above the initial seam and ends 2-3" below it; stitching is 2" from the fold.

the first pleat sewn in, 2" from the edge.

First and second pleats shown. Second pleat is sewn 1" from the first, 2" from the edge. (So your second pleat's fold is 3" to the right of the first pleat's stitching) Third pleat is sewn the same way. First, second, and third pleats sewn; fourth is 1" from the edge due to the width of my fabric.
Half of the pleats finished.

Half of the pleats finished, from the right side.

Repeat the process with the other half of the fabric, working this time from right to left.

All pleats completed, from the wrong side. All of the pleats, from the right side.

You can also use the sewn-in pleating method described above for single-layer slings; it's what I use for fleece and other bulky fabrics. After sewing in the pleats, I cut out the fabric within the pleat; this reduces bulk in the rings without compromising the fabric's strength.

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