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fabric face masksLimited solid colors

Most of these solids are not reorderable (I've had them in my future quilt stash for a while), but I'll buy different, similar colors in the near future.

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Fabric Face Mask: Jade
Light and saturated, crayon green
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Olive
With pimento or without?
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Rust
Reddish orange, like the sands of Mars
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Spring
Soft yellowish green like the first buds of spring
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Stone
Very light tan, parchment off-white
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Watermelon
Juicy orangy pink
Price: $10.00
Fabric Face Mask: Coral
Bright, cheerful blushing orange
Price: $10.00


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