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Exclusive Tekhni: Diastasi

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Diastasi "Time and Space": Inspired by the longest-running sci-fi TV show ever, my personal favorite fandom. Diastasi is an exclusive jacquard weave for Fandom Mystery Box! This one, black and white "Time & Space", is a black weft and white warp, with images of a spiral galaxy and everyone's favorite dimensionally transcendental time machine. (You may call her "sexy".)

Recommended from newborn to preschool and beyond. Tekhni's Repreve blend is soft, but very supportive, and is definitely "toddler-worthy", at the same time gentle and snuggable enough for your infant. Contrast-sewn hems help you find the edges easily, and prevent the hems from driving into your baby's sensitive skin.

The fabric is a jacquard woven with a 55% cotton and 45% Repreve blend. Repreve is made from 100% recycled water bottles. It's very strong and durable, and adds cushiness to the fabric without making it warm to wear. You can read more about Repreve on Tekhni's blog.

*As always, the color on your monitor may differ from mine. I have done the best I can to color-correct the photos for my monitor, but there is such a wide variety of devices in use now, it's impossible for me to guarantee that what I see on my computer will be the same as what you see on your device. If the accuracy of color is absolutely vital to you and you are not sure you're seeing the correct color, please email before ordering, as I do not provide returns or exchanges for color.

(Adapted from Tekhni's care page) The sling arrives to you in loomstate, and will need a wash to be ready for use. Cover the rings with an orphaned sock to prevent cosmetic damage to the rings (or the washer/dryer). An initial wash in warm water with low spin is recommended with subsequent washes on a gentle cycle with cool water. Use of natural detergents without any optical brighteners, such as Babyganics, will also help keep colors from fading. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners, as these can break down the fibers. Slings should be tumble dried on low. Wool dryer balls can help to soften the fabric. Our slings are made to withstand the rigors of everyday life; however, please treat with care to extend the life of the fabric. Remember follow our safety guidelines before using, and always inspect your sling for signs of wear or damage.

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Colors can vary slightly from batch to batch, and may not match the photo exactly. If you feel very strongly about the color, please email me with your concerns.


Choices can be seen on the shoulder styles page.


You do not have to pick a primary shoulder -- the one you will be wearing the sling on the most often -- if your sling does not have a directional element (like fish, birds, or asymmetrical stripes), if you will be switching shoulders frequently, or if the directional element doesn't matter to you. As an example, the same sling is used in both figures at right -- worn on the right shoulder, the red rail is on top; and worn on the left shoulder, the pink rail is on top. (The bottom rail doesn't show when worn because it's tucked under the baby's knees.) So if you specify in the special instructions box that you want the pink rail to be on top, I need to know which shoulder you'll be wearing the sling on, since the color shown on the top rail will change depending on which shoulder you wear the sling on. This "primary shoulder" is only for orienting patterns, since both shoulder styles can be worn on either shoulder. However, if you specify an orientation preference, I must know which shoulder you will be wearing the sling on -- selecting "doesn't matter" means I can't take the orientation into account and will have to email you for clarification, resulting in a sewing delay.

 Which color on top for the dominant shoulder -- red or violet for Spectrum; brown or gray for Terra. If you haven't chosen a dominant shoulder, the default will be red on a right shoulder for Spectrum, and brown on a right shoulder for Terra.
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Select Yes if you or the recipient has not previously used a ring sling. If you or the recipient is familiar with using a ring sling, select No.


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