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Companion Cube Pocket

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You know that if Chell had a baby, she'd be a babywearer -- there's no room for strollers in Aperture Labs! Whether you're a creative cosplayer or want to show off your Portal geek style, I've got you and your baby covered. $10 includes the custom-designed Companion Cube pocket, Portal-colored rings, and retro stitching at the pleats (not available on Eesti shoulder -- there, a single color will be used to keep the stitched area scrunchable).

For the blue/orange ring combination, select "Portal rings" in the option below. If you would prefer a pair of matched rings in another color (for example, pink to bring out the Companion Cube's heart, or slate to match the Cube's sides), select that color in your in-stock fabric, and "standard rings" below.

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Companion Cube Pocket
 Remember to select the appropriate option here and when you add the fabric for your sling! "Portal rings" are one blue and one orange. For the price to come out correctly, remember to choose "sending my own" from the ring color options in your in-stock fabric. Standard rings will be a matched set of the color you choose in your in-stock fabric options.
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