Stephen's Big Wide World

Ah, the joys of image-manipulating software! In case you were worried about the pictures that appear on the main page, don't be -- it's all digital manipulation! Stephen has never sat on an iceberg, and while he has walked through the woods, I've never let him stand quite so close to the edge of a stream.

This page will be a little bit of a showcase of Stephen in different locales, unlikely as they may be. If you have a place you'd like to see him in, please feel free to send me the image, and I'll edit him in.

Click on thumbnails for a larger image (size in kilobytes follows for modem users):

Stephen by the waterfall (29 K) Stephen on ice (30 K) Fairie Stephen (28K) Crawling through the desert (20 K) He doesn't like termites this close... (26 K)
River Rat (26 K) Ride the Ducky! (19 K) Holding up the shed (36 K) Flying high
(20 K)
On a foreign beach
(21 K)
An african tree (25 K) Fishing boat -- not happy (20 K) A Namibian watering hole (31 K) The pyramids at Giza (23 K) A market day somewhere in Africa (38 K)
On the seal pier in San Fran
(28 K)
At Joshua Tree Park with Brian... (34 K) ...and with Robyn
(32 K)
A baobab tree
(32 K)
Those statues at Luxor aren't really so big
(36 K)
    Riding a Canada goose (19 K)    


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