New Stuff on Jan's Homepage:


26 August, 2008: Updated diaper case directions to include step-by-step photos.


3 March, 2007: A safer, reversible cotton print sling

13 January, 2007: Updated zippered patch pocket directions

11 January, 2007: Hemming foot tutorial - Hemming feet are an indispensible addition to your sewing machine; find out how to use one!


11 November, 2006: Now hosting Corrine and Tessa's directions on making a sling with "floating" rings

10 November, 2006: Added directions for making a child-sized ring sling; now hosting Beth's "Man Tai" directions.

7 June, 2006: Updated step-by-step sling pleating directions with new photos and technique.

3 June, 2006: Flat wallet with lots of card pockets -- couldn't find a pattern online, so I made my own.

10 March, 2006: New essay in Crafts -- why does it cost so much to buy a WAHM-made carrier?

15 February, 2006: Breastfeeding, formula-feeding, and guilt: Breastfeeding advocates are often accused of trying to make women feel guilty, but is that really the case?

14 January, 2006: Added restaurant high chair cover due to overwhelming requests :)

7 January, 2006: Added a fabric diaper and wipes case (because no one who can sew should ever, ever pay $15 and up for a simple fabric case!!!) -- printable pattern, very easy to sew.


13 November, 2005: Added Sarah's babywearing poncho

7 November, 2005: Added a bag that slides onto the straps of your mei tai -- side-opening zipper means you don't have to rethread it when switching from a front to a back carry. Also added brief directions for making a framed panel on your mei tai.

6 November, 2005: Kids' pictures are now up on Flickr. You will probably need to log in to see them. If you don't already have a Yahoo! ID, you'll need to make one. I am sorry about that part! But uploading pics to Flickr is soooo much easier than the galleries I was trying to maintain here! I upload 1-3x per week, at this point, so check back often.

5 November, 2005: Clarified a few points on the pouch sewing directions.

27 July, 2005: Redid the Crafts index page -- hopefully, it'll be easier to find what you're looking for quickly.

26 July, 2005: Photo-illustrated directions for pouch-style slings

7 June, 2005: Kids' pictures from the end of April, May, and beginning of June

8 May, 2005: Added reversible option to pouch sling directions

3 May, 2005: After many requests, I've added suggestions for making a grocery cart seat cover.

27 April, 2005: At long last, new kids' pictures! From February through April. Sorry I made you wait so long!

20 March, 2005: Added a forum! Talk amongst yourselves.

4 February, 2005: Second method for making a reversible sling -- better for thin fabrics, or where one fabric is much thinner/thicker than the other.

29 January, 2005: Finally, new pictures from December and January... not very many, though. Sorry!


11 December, 2004: New odd search engine hits for November and December

10 December, 2004: Why I switched to Mozilla Firefox, and you should too.

5 December, 2004: Tie-on cloth baby seat for regular dining chairs

13 November, 2004: New kids' pictures in October and November

31 October, 2004: At long last, new kids' pictures from August, September, and October!

22 October, 2004: Polar fleece ring sling directions. New kids' pictures coming soon, I promise!

28 August 2004: New sewing directions: reversible two-layer ring sling; zippered patch pocket; zippered inset pocket

21 August 2004: Easy accessories for umbrella strollers

18 August 2004: Crocheted hip carrier/pouch-style sling

12 August 2004: More new kids' pictures; Weird food we encountered in Chinatown

11 August 2004: Removed Stephen's baby pictures due to bandwidth theft and image abuses by image search users. My apologies to friends and family, but I was no longer feeling safe about having his baby pics out there.

9 August 2004: 330 new kids' pictures in June, July, and August

1 August, 2004: New site design!

10 June, 2004: 293 new kids pictures in April and May

6 April, 2004: 100ish new kids pictures (end of March).

16 March, 2004: 213 new kids pictures -- February and March; revised ABC directions

28 February, 2004: Easy pattern adaptations for sewing maternity wear

27 February, 2004: 73 more kids' pictures; odd search engine hits on my site

26 February, 2004: No-Sew Ring Sling directions

24 February, 2004: Two new patterns -- simple Waldorf-style doll, adding gussets to DIY cloth diapers

21 February, 2004: 92 new kids' pictures

6 February, 2004: 69 new kids' pictures

4 February, 2004: 80-odd new kids' pictures in January and February

29 January, 2004: New baby carrier invented by moi! Ring Wrap (for lack of a better name) [Update January 8, 2012: I have removed the directions because they were being misused/resold and the results were not pretty.]

25 January, 2004: 46 new kids' pictures

16 January, 2004: 210 New Stephen and Sophia pictures! Holy cow!

3 January, 2004: New Stephen and Sophia pictures (new organization!)


23 December, 2003: New Sophia pictures; updated Links

10 December, 2003: Black-and-white stimulating mobile -- updated, now with 12 different shapes instead of 4, plus color and color-yourself versions.

6 December, 2003: New Sophia pictures!

30 November, 2003: Lots more Sophia pictures; some for Stephen, too!

23 November, 2003: More Sophia pictures. (New 404: not found pages, too.)

14 November, 2003: Lots of new Sophia pictures -- month one and month two

23 October, 2003: More new Sophia pictures, and a few of Stephen, too!

12 October, 2003: New Sophia and Stephen pictures!

6 October, 2003: Sophia is here! She arrived at 3:30 am on Thursday, 2nd October, 2003. I'll have a birth story up soon. You can find pictures here.

15 September, 2003: New Stephen pictures (months 39&40) and update

16 July, 2003: More Stephen pictures and update

25 May, 2003: Two months of pictures -- Month 36 and Month 37; new Stephen update

14 May, 2003: Movie cover photoshops featuring Stephen (by David)

19 April, 2003: New Stephen Pictures (March and April)

18 April, 2003: Updated sling directions and added sling sewing FAQ

8 April, 2003: New essay: Is evolutionary theory a worldview?

5 April, 2003: Reorganized the Stephen stuff so he's not in the Baby folder anymore, since he's almost three and there's a new baby coming along.

19 February, 2003: More Stephen pictures (December and January), Stephen update


14 December, 2002: Finally, more Stephen pictures (spanning October through December)

20 October, 2002: Weird search engine hits on my site

12 October 2002: Instructions for sewing a Podeagi (Korean baby carrier)

11 September 2002: Month 28 SGL pictures; some new thoughts on the 9/11 anniversary

24 August 2002: More new SGL pictures... months 27 and 28.

15 August 2002: Finally, new pictures and SGL update! Also, a new look!

7 July 2002: Updates to "sew your own sling" page

29 May 2002: Month 25 pictures

23 May 2002: Stephen update for May; Month 24 Stephen pictures (including birthday photos)

20 May 2002: Month 24 Stephen pictures (birthday photos coming soon!)

23 April 2002: Some pictures of Stephen from the MKB New England F2F

4 April 2002: New Stephen content

2 April 2002: About 70 new Stephen pictures

30 March 2002: Stephen travels the globe and into different dimentions... at least, in my imagination...

26 March 2002: A slew of new Stephen pictures, from Month 22 and Month 23.

24 March 2002: Make nursing t-shirts from regular shirts

20 March 2002: Another small batch of pictures

18 March 2002: More new SGL notes, words, and pictures

28 February 2002: Stephen anecdotes, and a Stephen-to-English dictionary!

27 February 2002: Even more Stephen Pictures

4 February 2002: More Stephen Pictures


31 December 2001: New Stephen pictures -- from Month 19 through the holidays!

19 December 2001: Make your own "Harry Potter" style magic wands

26 November 2001: Stephen's first drawing (sort of)

22 November 2001: New Stephen pictures! Plus a bit about our trip to Washington, DC.

19 October 2001: The Hippie Mama Breastfeeder's Cloth Diaper Bag

30 September 2001: Two months' worth of Stephen pictures (some reeeeeally cute ones!)

19 September 2001: Peace flags (one in colour, one in black and white to colour yourself)

16 September 2001: Open letter to President Bush; What happens next?

20 August 2001: Fluorite crystal ornaments for sale

15 August 2001: Even more Stephen pictures!

11 August 2001: Another sewing project: Making a nursing pillow to fit you

31 July 2001: Sewing project - Breastfeeder's diaper bag/Purse

25 July, 2001: New links

22 July, 2001: Still more Stephen pictures, from a visit by his grandparents and great-grandmother.

8 July, 2001: More new pictures of Stephen -- his first birthday, a few visits to grandparents, and just plain cute photos.

4 May, 2001: Many, many new pictures of Stephen

30 March, 2001: A long email conversation with Eva Marie: Topics range from the non/existence of god, to general philosophy, to evolution vs. creation, and many others.

6 February, 2001: 6 weeks worth of Stephen pictures

3 February, 2001: Baby-Related Crafts (incl. simple sling, black-and-white mobile, and bra conversion)

10 January, 2001: Now that I have moved my site to the UNH Pubpages directory, I have a little less space, so the pictures are more compressed (ie less image quality). However, if you would like a CD of the bitmaps and higher-quality images, send me a note. Or you can send a note to join -- you get 25 free prints and we get 10, and you can see high-quality images right there.


14 December, 2000: Tour of our new apartment.

12 December, 2000: We got a new camera, one of our own (we had been using the ooooold one from work). It's a Kodak (like the old one), but has about 3 times the resolution of the old one, and we can take a lot more pictures at once. At the same time, uploading is much easier, the pictures are clearer, and it's just all-around a superior camera. All pictures from December 12 on will be taken with the new camera; see if you can spot the differences!

10 November, 2000: Voted for Nader? Didn't vote at all? An atypically political Jan Rant, following the "election."

22 May, 2000: Stephen Glenn Lewis Andrea was born -- earlier than I had expected -- on 22 May, 2000, at 6:08 am. (Hope it doesn't mean he's going to be a morning person, since neither of his parents are!) Labor began on 20 May, 2000, at 7 am... it was tiring, but not awful, and things didn't really pick up until 2 am on his birthday. The full birth story is here -- it may be a little graphic for the faint-of-heart, in a few details, but it's there if you want to read it. For more on the pregnancy and post-pregnancy plans, check out the new Baby page! Like most first-time parents, we're taking tons of baby pictures, but due to uploading time constraints, we tend to update the page monthly or thereabouts. (Have a baby of your own? Why not try making a high contrast mobile for him or her? Stephen loves his!)

1 February, 2000: We've moved! The previous apartment was just getting too small for us, and was no place to have or raise a baby! (Converted Victorians just don't lend themselves to babyproofing...) So we moved... about a block and a half down the street... to an absolutely beautiful apartment (practically a condo) of which I now have pictures. It is a wonderful place, with all the features we were looking for, and we are very, very pleased that we were able to get it. Having lived there for almost 7 months now, I can honestly say it is a great, happy place, and we are enjoying every day of it. You can see a tour of the new place on the Photographs page, and the old apartment tour is now its own page.

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