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rev'd stAllio! nGsta - 05/21/98 06:40:55
Pet Peeve: people who won't listen to reason (or can't understand it)
Most Prized Possession: my 4-track
Weather conditions where you are: hot & muggy
i was executing a geocities search & felt compelled to come here. from one atheistic reverend to another, allow me to compliment your page. there's some nice tidy work here. you're certainly welcome at stAlli !'s wAy athEistic chuRch, where i dish out a mean weekly sermon (sermons which, oddly enough, almost never have anything to do with religion. whatever.)

Laughing man - 05/21/98 05:40:06

Dark Flower - 05/13/98 12:09:44
Pet Peeve: The light
Most Prized Possession: My Cat Demonspawn
Weather conditions where you are: Hot, Cold, Dry, Wet
We all live in the dark, only some of us (yourself included) have the courage to speak up against the power of the night. You should be an inspiration to us all. -Don't let the Dark extinguish your thoughts! Dark Flower

- 05/09/98 00:29:07
Recently we had new tile floors laid in our house. while the floors were being laid, my husband was here doing some painting. the tile man began to preach Jesus to my husband and putting down my Unitarian-humanist beliefs. when my husband finally "started for him with the paint brush" he decided it was robably time to cease preaching. I grew up Methodist, married a member of the Church of Christ which we attended faithfully for eleven or twelve years. I have read the entire bible numerous times and in several versions. I have studied and thought and would now consider myself an athei t. My husband and I have reached these conclusions after careful thought and study.

Kthelomok - 05/06/98 02:37:22
Pet Peeve: banner advertising
Most Prized Possession: my mind
Weather conditions where you are: hot air... it's election time
I'm about to read some of your stories. If you get a chance, stop by my website "The Book of Darkness" -Kthelomok

Carolyn Phillips - 05/05/98 02:33:17
Pet Peeve: Born Again Christians
Most Prized Possession: My Children - I could live without everything else.
Weather conditions where you are: Scottsdale, AZ Sunny - High 80's
Dear Jan, I just started through your awesome website, but I wanted to tell you a funny story about evolution and my youngest son. Sam was about 7 years old when he discovered a National Geographic mag with an article on evolution. He became fascinated with it an even took it to school for show and tell. We talked about evolution with him and tried to explain the concept of change over a loooooong period of time. Time is a very difficult thing for children to grasp (if you don't believe me, try taking kids on a long car trip). Anyway, after much discussion about man descending from apes, he turned to me and said, "Do you have any pictures of me when I was a little monkey?" He was so serious - I had to hold back the laughs. He thought he had been born a monkey My husband and I still laugh about it. "From the mouths of babes." Carolyn

Cassandra - 04/30/98 03:05:24
Pet Peeve: Wooden horses full of Greeks
Most Prized Possession: Hard to say. I don't like ranking things like that
Weather conditions where you are: Dark, warm, and humid
Just thought you'd like to know I've linked your page from my own. Heh. And I'm a reverend too, we're a dime a dozen these days....

Angelina Rule - 04/29/98 20:11:04
Pet Peeve: People cramming religion down my throat
Most Prized Possession: My husband and children
Weather conditions where you are: sunny and 70
I have read your comments on the Jethro Tull ng and followed your website link due to the comment about religious freedom meaning any religion. I enjoyed your website and wish my parents had been as enlightened as your seem to be. It has taken me 11 years past your current age to speak out my freethoughts. Kudos!

nym - 04/16/98 10:44:13
Pet Peeve: defensive drivers
Most Prized Possession: don't have any
Weather conditions where you are: rainy (it's seattle)
i guess im a grammer geek too, just not at your undeniable caliber. ijust really like e.e. cummings and thats why i write in all lower case. i find that it tends to tick people off. oh well. have fun. nym.

Monty Lehmann - 04/12/98 16:42:23
Pet Peeve: Idiots on the Highway
Most Prized Possession: non physical love
Weather conditions where you are: sunny, warm
I found your page contents to be interesting, even if a little eclectic. I work at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in Newport News, Virginia. It is a four Gev continuous electron beam facility for pure Physics research.I found your page following the armor links. Just goes to show you that one path may have many surprise twists and unexpected turns. I did find the link to Portsmouth uninteresting. Best Wishes on your career path Monty Lehmann

The MamaLlama - 04/02/98 01:55:24
Pet Peeve: my brain, most of the time
Most Prized Possession: this new computer (my children actually, but they are, of course, not "possessions", oh, also my car, Myles
Weather conditions where you are: pouring down rain at the moment
I love you Yanushka. Neat pages. Good proud.

Jacob Harvester - 03/16/98 18:44:34
Pet Peeve: Forced Essay Analysis, the pain in my eye right now, and Collectivism
Most Prized Possession: "The Fountainhead," my painted computer....etc. etc. ad infinitum
Weather conditions where you are: Sunny and getting warmer (FL)
*Releases a deep, contented sigh at finally finding a page he can be at home with.*'s truly hard to find a page that I can relate to...all my thoughts match, line up correctly like DNA and RNA (w/o mutations..!)...If you read this, I'd appr ciate it if you emailed me, that we might chat a little... --Jacob Harvester

Ragnar Arneson - 03/06/98 13:47:18
Pet Peeve: People's inability to communicate clearly, particularly (but not exclusively), in the romantic area.
Most Prized Possession: My books.
Weather conditions where you are: Cloudy.
Thank you for posting that grammar primer. I shudder when I see someone write that someone loves they're cat. I twitch when someone writes of a car "I really like it's handling". And I completely wig out if someone comments on "you're annoying habit of correcting people". For a couple of years running the general consensus among my friends as to my most annoying quality was correcting their english in the middle of a conversation. Rock on, Rev. Jan. -Ragnar

neo - 02/05/98 01:36:34
cool page except for the atheism part

Russell Lee of the House of LaFever - 01/11/98 06:44:07
Pet Peeve: don't get me started
I appreciated your short piece. Although I hate grammar, it's one of my easy areas. I also hate the heavy use of double negatives. Well, I must run along. There's plenty of work to do and I don't have no time to continue (grin). Russ-

Gary Marcos - 01/10/98 03:56:03
Pet Peeve: these ones & those ones
Most Prized Possession: My Health
Weather conditions where you are: Drizzle
I am glad to see someone (I hope that's right and not somebody) that cares about grammar. I'm always worried that I am speaking incorrectly. I hear people ending sentences with (at) all the time. I had to ask some guy that signed my guest book from so Kali, where it was. Now I am worried about what you would think if I make a mistake. So I enjoyed your home page.

VampLadee - 11/30/97 17:23:50
Pet Peeve: People who think they know it ALL!
Most Prized Possession: My 2 Cocker Spaniels
Weather conditions where you are: Foggy & Rainy, yuck.
Thank you for signing my Guestbook! I had my first communion and made my confirmation. But during that tim, I just couldn't believe in something that could not be proven. Why is the world so bad if god is so good? Just some thoughts. Just as your site is thought provoking and tastefully set up. Loved the evolution stuff. It's what I firmly believe in.

Jaala - 11/25/97 23:14:05
Pet Peeve: noisy classes and slow computers
Most Prized Possession: Gold locket my boyfriend gave me
Weather conditions where you are: You never know!
I really enjoyed your page. I especially liked the newsgroup postings.

Rev. Phobrek Taz - 11/25/97 17:44:09
Pet Peeve: The Secret Society of People Who Like To Get in My Way, New England chapter
Most Prized Possession: my rats, Psyche & Glyph
Weather conditions where you are: I don't know; I'm in an office with no windows.
Howdy; I'm a brother of Apple Hill boy Peter Sulski. Just checking out related sites, and the title of this one made me curious. So here I am. I've never called myself an atheist, but am curious about all belief systems. Hee!

Fritha Robinson - 11/19/97 21:19:01
Pet Peeve: Preachers whom you can't debate with.
Most Prized Possession: My morals.
Weather conditions where you are: Sunny and in the higher 60s.
Great page! I'll have to use some of the agruements in my future debates. Keep up the good work!

Rev. Jason Tippitt - 11/14/97 09:50:34
Pet Peeve: Fundamentalists
Most Prized Possession: My mind
Weather conditions where you are: Cold and rainy
Nice page. I, too, am an atheistic ULC minister. I don't normally go by "Rev. Tippitt" here, but I might start calling myself that.
Weirdly enough, although I'm an atheist, I'm also darn near campus minister status at my school. I'm sort of the lay minister of a Unitarian Universalist group here...three Wiccans, a few ultraliberal Xtians and a handful of agnostics. Then me, the "ath ist minister."
I like the essays. And I've added your URL to the Freethought section of my Religion & Freethought page.

Keep the (un)faith,
Jason Tippitt

Larry - 11/10/97 18:31:56
My Email:ac5ez@webtvnet
Pet Peeve: road rage
Most Prized Possession: ts140 transceiver
Weather conditions where you are: rain
really a nice page .i call myself an agnostic for want of a better term and i am very happy now in my un belief.Live long and prosper

Tom E Arnold - 10/24/97 04:47:44
Pet Peeve: they get into my office
Most Prized Possession: The wee wifeypoo
Weather conditions where you are: 40s and drizzley
Along with the grammer thing, maybe a word about not trusting spell Czech. Cornerstone url is not my own, just best current work by the household

Jim - 10/21/97 22:53:58
Pet Peeve: faith
Most Prized Possession: my jeep
Weather conditions where you are: clear-70
I am always surprised when I find someone who is both young and rational. You should be proud of that. It is very hard to be an atheist in our society. I was raised a Catholic. However, as soon as I went to college I learned some alternative explanations or just about everything. Sorry to here someone close to you died. Rational people do not lie about things. Glad to see you stand by your values. In May my siamese cat died. She had been with me 15 years. Most of that time we lived alone togeather. My sis er-in-law sent me a note saying that I would meet my cat in heaven some day. This statement caught my attention for it's lack of rational content and christians do not believe that animals go to heaven. I sent her a copy of "No Masters No God's". She said she would read it. I just wanted to say you have a nice Web-site and I enjoyed looking at it.

Marshall Gordon - 10/08/97 20:18:50
Pet Peeve: X coalition
Most Prized Possession: Arpad
Weather conditions where you are: Yes
Hi Jan remember me - just another Atheist from Westmoreland --sitting at Arpad's desk in Keene. BEST of luck in your endeavors; write to arpad. Marshall

Arpad Toth - 10/06/97 16:06:50
My Email:ahanhvt
Pet Peeve: promise keepers
Most Prized Possession: Beatles' "Imagine"
Weather conditions where you are: Keene is the greatest
Jan: Great to find you on the net. Just returned from Washington dc meeting with American Atheists. Great session. I am sending copies of a letter I sent to University System re religion on NH campuses. More later. Arpad PS Your page is superb - great - beautiful - Listening to radio right now and Indiana University students have protested prayers at graduation, etc. and Supreme Court has just refused to hear the case. Two steps forward and three back?

Gregg Milos - 10/02/97 20:58:04
Your stories made me cry; thank you for allowing me to read them!

susan - 09/28/97 01:30:41
My URL:coming soon
Pet Peeve: ignorance
Most Prized Possession: family
Weather conditions where you are: cool and fall-like
It is so refreshing for me and my family to be able to log on and read about people with non-beliefs like ours. We live in the mountains of North Carolina and there is just no escape from the religious right here. It's so nice to know that we are not alon !

Stephen Runnels - 09/04/97 13:39:57
Pet Peeve: Christians/the ignorant
Most Prized Possession: My Mind
Weather conditions where you are: Wet
After reading some of your comments and Opinions I have to say it is refreshing to find a normal, intelligent person who can express herself and commit to her own self in spite of the sea of ignorance that surrounds us. Be Thankful you don't live in the Bible Belt as I do; Evergreen, CO). What a turn on! I love you. Your friend and mine. . . Steve.

Katharine - 09/01/97 21:40:45
Pet Peeve: bad grammar
Most Prized Possession: the patience that remains
Weather conditions where you are: cloudy with a chance of meatballs
Hi, I too, adore grammar. I was the best sentence diagrammer to ever hit elementary school. My major grammatical irration is the inability to tell many objects from one object. ie: Will the person typing their opinions... and Ten dollars are a lot of money. Can't leave without one more comment, have you notices a recent insistence in "you & I" being used subjectively? I suspect the idiots decided "you & I" sounds more intellegent and are using it indiscriminately. But you and me know gooder, doesn't us?

Monica again - 08/29/97 22:27:28
Um, Jan, "apostrophies"?! Or was that just to prove you don't take yourself too seriously? Big grin!

Monica - 08/29/97 22:16:41
Pet Peeve: Misuse of the expression,"to beg the question" !
Most Prized Possession: I am in possession of my faculties.
Weather conditions where you are: Happy. Pregnant!
Hmm, I think I would consider "Geocities" an "it" rather than a "they". My mom and dad are "they"; my family is "it" (I think?). I like your little sign-in survey...perhaps you should also ask for Most Frequently Committed Grammar Sin! Mine would be overuse of ellipsis... :)

Steve Harter - 08/26/97 04:29:20
Pet Peeve: The words "can't" and "accident" should be deleted from Websters.
Most Prized Possession: My not-so-narrow mindedness.
Weather conditions where you are: The same as your's will be in 30 minutes.
Found your link on soc.atheism. I liked your "Forum" pieces very much. It rekindled those ever-present feelings of anger toward theists. Your arguments are logical and damning. I also found your "Observations" to be enjoyable reading. Cheers!

Sue Feder - 08/17/97 15:57:13
Weather conditions where you are: Still hot
My two current written language pet peeves are: 1) the use of 's to denote the possessive at the end of a word/name that ends in s (ie: Thomas's book)--when I went to school we were taught that in this case the second s is unnecessary (ie: Thomas' book) and it makes my eyeballs cringe when I see that e tra s; and 2) swapping a for i and vice versa in spelling (ie: contemptable instead of contemptible'; despicible instead of despicable)--some of these misspellings are so pervasive that I fear they will become official acceptable (note, not acceptible) alternate sp llings

Sue Feder - 08/17/97 15:44:33
Pet Peeve: My husband
Most Prized Possession: My husband
Weather conditions where you are: Hot, hot, hot.
As an old Rand fan, I wanted to read Puppets of the Script, but the link apparently no longer exists. Where can I find it?

Julia A. Willis - 08/14/97 12:19:56
My URL:none yet
Pet Peeve: christians
Most Prized Possession: my viola
Weather conditions where you are: hot and sticky
I think your site is deliciously subversive. It makes me wonder what your taste(s) is(are) like. ;)

Jan Andrea - 08/12/97 13:33:24
Pet Peeve: Apostrophies where they don't belong
Most Prized Possession: Emily, my violin
Weather conditions where you are: Sunny and warm
Testing my guestbook! Wheeeee!

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