Peace Flags

If you're anything like me, you're probably feeling pretty conflicted right now. I want to show my support for the people who are responding to the disasters in NYC and DC, but have never been particularly patriotic. And I certainly don't support the kind of military action for which this country is now preparing. So I'd like to put up a flag, but I also want to make it clear that in my mind, war is not the answer.

Hence this flag. I haven't been able to find a cloth one for love or money around here, and felt funny paying for one, anyway, so I whipped this up in Fireworks. I made it up in a colour version, if you have a nice colour printer (which I do not), and also in black and white, so you can print it out and colour it yourself. (I suppose you could even get creative with the colours, if you were so inclined.) The B&W might even be a nice activity for a pacifist kid. I made it in a few different formats: GIF, PDF, and PNG. The gifs are the smallest, the PDF may print better, and the PNG preserves the original formatting within Fireworks, so is probably the largest, but you *may* be able to alter it yourself in Photoshop or other graphics programs (I don't know, though, as I use only Fireworks).

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the PDF files. Download by clicking on the file size; on a PC, right-click the desired file and select "Save file as..."; on a Mac, click and hold the desired file, then select "Save file as..." Files are 10 inches by around 6.1 inches, so when you print them, leave 0.5" margins, and make sure you have selected "landscape" layout.

File Type: GIF PDF PNG
Black and white: 15 K 224 K 116 K
Colour: 19 K 132 K 110 K

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