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Shower with a Friend? Not in UNH Housing...

Before we were married, and when we still lived in the dorms at UNH, my husband and I ignited a controversy. We lived in "special interest housing" units called the Mini-Dorms, of which there are six at UNH; ours was a special interest as "academic awareness". Marston House was home to about fifty people, and because it was so small, the bathrooms in four of six hallways were co-ed (until recently, all six had been, but that's another story). It had long been a "tradition" for couples to shower together -- back in the seventies, when the dorms were built, the motto was "Save water -- shower with a friend."

However, this was the mid-nineties, and political correctness had come full-force to the Minis... as had the return of in loco parentis, a phenomenon which children of the sixties no doubt well remember. It meant that many of the "freedoms" we had previously taken for granted were being snapped up before us. We were not prepared for this to happen, and we certainly weren't prepared for what would follow.

Our appeal to the Judical Committee:
We wrote this in hopes that the punishments metted out by the Hall Director, Molly Green, would be lessened somewhat, through the circumstances described therein. I think it pretty much speaks for itself.

Our response to the sanctions given us:
This was directed again towards the Judicial Committee, who had upheld a sanction that we felt was most unfair, for the reasons described herein.

The outcome:

As it turned out, neither of our appeals was granted. The sanction stuck, and as a result, David and I decided to get an apartment the next school year. These incidents, however, took place in October of 1994; one would have thought that the other residents of the Mini-Dorms -- and indeed, of UNH Housing in general -- had been well and truly warned about the consequences of showering with a friend. However, in March of 1995, another couple was caught in a neighboring dorm showering together. Their sanction? A slap on the wrist -- they were simply warned, despite the fact that the policy, not even a rule when we "broke" it, had been in effect for months now, and these two knew full well that they were in violation. Such is justice at the University of New Hampshire.

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