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Harry Potter-esque "Magic Wands"

Harry Potter-esque "Magic Wand" with presentation bagIf you've seen the movies, you've seen the wands -- lovely things they are, belonging in every child's (and child-at-heart's) imagination. They are also very simple, just a turned handle with a dowel for a wand. A couple of other pictures: wand next to bag, wand alone.

This pattern is copyright to me (Jan Andrea) and is NOT for resale under ANY circumstances!

Materials needed (makes4 wands):

Directions for wands:Rounded tip of wand

  1. Cut the 3/8" dowel into four lengths. You may make them all the same, or go for a little variety (but beware of seeming unfairness if you are making them all for one set of siblings -- we'll fight about anything!)
  2. Whittle and/or sand down one of the ends of each section so that it is rounded, as at right
  3. Drill 3/16" diameter holes in the non-rounded end of the wands, as well as the end of the mug pegs. these will receive the 3/16" dowel segments, so make sure they are wide enough to fit, and also long enough that the segments will be completely contained in them, as below.
  4. Coat the 3/16" dowel segments with glue, and/or put glue in the holes you just drilled. Insert one segment into the wand, and its other side into the mug peg. Clamp together (or hold together) until the glue dries.Fitting the wand and handle together
  5. Stain the wand, following label directions; varnish, if desired. You may also want to use glitter glue, gold wire, or other such ornaments to make the wands more "magical," or give them to the kids plain and let them decorate as they wish.

I also have a number of wands to sell, if woodworking isn't your cup of tea.

Directions for presentation bags:

  1. Seam the selvage edges of the fabric (without cutting it). With 45" fabric, you'll have about 3" of seam-room on each edge. Fold the fabric in half, seam to seam.
  2. Cut a 9" piece of ribbon, fold it in half, and position it within the sewing line, right sides together, at the lower edge of the selvage seam. Sew the first seam along the long edge.
  3. Making sure that the ribbon is caught in that seam, pull it up out of the way (so it's sticking out between the right sides of the fabric).
  4. Sew another seam about 2" from the first. This is your first bag.
  5. Position another 9" halved piece of ribbon along the seam, for the second bag's tie.
  6. Sew about 1/2 to 3/4" from the seam in step 4.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for each bag.
  8. Cut the four (or more) bags apart, between the close seams, and turn using the wands.
  9. Tie the bags closed with the attached ribbons.
  10. Voila! Simple, imaginative playings for the kids (and maybe the adults) you love.
  11. You may also want to print out a magical sale label (PDF, 5 kb) on some parchment-style paper, for extra fun. (You'll need the fonts Freebooter (47 K) and Monsters of Stone (114 k) for the PDF to display properly; download the ZIP files, unzip, and install in your Font directory.)

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