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Adding gussets to a cloth diaper or diaper cover

there are a lot of free patterns out there for making your own cloth diapers, but free ones for diapers with gussets seem hard to come by. So, by request, here's a method for adding gussets to your diapers.



Print one of these patterns or draw your own.

Ottobre Designs pattern (to add gussets, omit elastic step as described)
Faux Fuzzi Buns (omit side elastic)
Find more linked through the Diaper Hyena
Purchase patterns through many manufacturers, or WAHM Grace -- free preemie/doll diaper pattern and training pants pattern on her site


1. Cut out the pieces you'll need for the diaper -- it will probably be on the fold, but here's a full view anyway. (Pictures not necessarily to scale!) Directions assume that two layers are cut at once.

(This will look nicest with 2 layers, but can be done with a single layer.)

2. Cut the gussets from the fabric left over, about 2" from the sides of the diaper.

3. If using two layers, sew the gusset pieces together about 1/4" from the edge. Turn so the seam is inside, then sew a casing for the elastic about 3/8" from the seam.

4. Thread elastic through the casing, stitching it in place on the ends. Length of elastic used will depend on the length of the sides and the amount of ga thering desired.

(For a single layer, make a casing for the elastic on one edge.)

5. Pin the open side of the gusset to the side of the diaper on one layer; sew. This will be tricky because of the curves, so snip the curves as necessary and go slowly. You may want to sew the long edge first, then go back to the curves, to ensure proper placement.

6. When sewing the rest of the diaper (as indicated in your pattern) make sure that the gussets are sewn so that they'll be on the outside when it's finished -- if you are sewing and turning, keep the gusset towards the right side of the diaper. If you are serging, make sure the gusset isn't cut off by the machine!

7. Finish diaper as indicated in your pattern. Try it on the baby. Let me know how it works for you!

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