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Tour of 92 Locust St. Apartment #3:

Our old apartment, where we lived between August 1995 and February 2000, had a number of charming features in its 500 square feet: 

The place was built around 1865, and must have been gorgeous in its youth (like most Victorians), but since being carved into seven apartments (of which ours is the largest) it has seen a few hard knocks. The previous tennants in that apartment were smokers, with a cat that left its odiferous calling card in the closet; on hot days, you can still smell it -- yuck! For all of its little faults, it was a nice place, and had been "home" from August of 1995 to February of 2000. It was a little hard to leave, but our new place is a bazillion times nicer! 500 square feet just didn't keep us anymore...

Anyway, on to the tour:

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