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I've been making chainmaille jewelry for longer than I've been sewing, off and on. Lately I've found making earrings very calming, but I have only two ears and all the craft fairs are cancelled, sooooo here we are. I have hundreds of pairs to list -- more will be added as I have time! All these include shipping in the price. There are many options listed in each type, so please click through to see more!

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Earrings: Winter holidays
Snowflakes and the colors of holly and ivy
Pendants and key fobs
Could be a pendant, could be a key fob -- all lightweight aluminum and fun to fidget with
Earrings: Glass beads
Various types of glass beads paired with silver plate or aluminum rings
Earrings: Short persian weaves
Persian weave comes in many forms; these are very short segments, making lightweight but striking earrings.
Earrings: Natural stone beads
My dad's a geologist, so I've always been drawn to stones and minerals.
Earrings: Vortex medallions
Vortex medallions are pretty complicated to make, but I think it's such a satisfying design!
Earrings: Pride flag scales
Aluminum scales, repurposed from anachronistic armor into metaphorical armor -- take pride <3
Earrings: Scales and variations
My husband uses these anodized aluminum scales to make a type of chainmaille, but I like to use them for jewelry.
Earrings: Celtic Rose
Celtic Rose is a type of chainmaille weave, which makes wonderful earrings and pendants.
Earrings: Halloween
Various Halloween-themed styles
Earrings: Potterverse
The author is trash, but the fandom still rocks.
Earrings: Helm weave
Helm weave roundels are simpler than Celtic Rose to make, but can be made in dozens of combinations.
Earrings: Superheroes
Superhero fans, assemble!


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