Since getting my Cricut Maker, I've downloaded heaps of free projects from around the web, and it's time to return the favor!
Here are a few things I've designed and made. Enjoy!

To download, either click on the image or the text below it. SVGs open in browser windows, but you can use the "Save" dialog to download; or use your browser's "save link as" feature to download without opening the SVG in your browser.  

Cathedral windows

I'm an atheist, but I love cathedrals -- the more Gothic, the better! Here's some traceries from cathedrals I've been to or just like (more to come!)

Misc cards

Holiday cards

There are a zillion free holiday cards out there, of course, but I like to design stuff and was thinking about offering these at a craft fair in December. Having made them, it felt right to share. (I also feel like some celebrations -- like the winter solstice, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, get much less attention in paper crafts, so I wanted to include those as well.)

All 11 files in a ZIP file

More coming soon! Note: I changed the card shape on all files to the rounded corners seen in the Candlenights card.

Click on the name to download the files -- in Design Space, after you upload, make sure you change the words to Draw, the vertical line in the center of the card to Score, and Attach the words and corner cuts to the main card. The holly on the candy canes also has score marks that need to be attached. There are some cut marks on the Kwanzaa insert to show where the red, green, and gold attach, but you can just as easily delete those and attach them to the inside of the card instead. If you download all of them, you can also interchange the wording. I also made a quick envelope that fits any 5x7" card, or you can use a standard greeting card envelope.

Musical clef shadow boxes

What I did: Select a fancy background paper that appealed to me (these are from the "Storyteller" collection by Linda Wood, from Michael's), then choose four colors of cardstock that coordinate with it. The frame is the same for each box. I used flowers from Dreaming Tree, but there are tons of free flower files available online. I recommend Jennifer Maker's site for a very thorough list of free SVGs. 

Assembly is a little weird. The fancy background paper wraps up and connects to the frame on the inside. I've added an inner cutout square to help assembly; you can use a sturdy scrap piece for that. The back is one solid sheet for stability. Just remember to change the inner lines and squares to score and attach them to the main piece before cutting. I stacked the symbols using foam adhesive squares (Pop Dots) for depth; I think it looks better than flat-gluing would. 

By request of a user on a paper crafting Facebook group, I also designed punctuation stacks for an English teacher's classroom:

Musical cards

Not cards that play music, but cards for musicians :)

The white pieces on the violin card are pretty delicate, so use caution when removing them from the mat. I used some "rhinestones" on the tuners for a little bling. On the cello card, the staff lines should be set to Draw and attached to the card base. I just used leftover cutout bits from the heart to decorate the cello, but you don't have to.

Pencil box

A pencil shaped box for your pencils (etc)

Pencil box closed
Pencil box open with pens inside

This is a little tricky to assemble because of the double walls. I used a 1/4" dowel to help stick things together inside. I didn't bother gluing the "eraser" and "ferrule" to the bottom because they slide together pretty tightly, but you could. The pencil point is glued to the top tabs of the inside part.

Parts: one, two, three, four, and diagram of parts with score lines.

Toolbox gift card holder

Made for my step father, who's a master carpenter and maker. Inspired by the one on but with more tools and a more traditional toolbox shape on the sides.

Toolbox from above
Toolbox from the front
Toolbox from the left side
Toolbox from the right side

This is pretty easy to put together -- just score the lighter lines, glue the box together, and make the tools. The handles and other parts are cut twice so they look good from all sides.

Parts: The box, the tools and trim, and the envelope, part one and part two

Floral cards

Miscellaneous flowers that I liked and layered.

Wheel of Time cards

These are adapted from the chapter headers in the Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan. I make no claim to the art. The original SVGs were from; I adapted them for cutting as layers.

Miscellaneous cut files

Smorgesbord! Click pictures to download.

F*ck 2020 "snowflake"

F*ck 2020 smaller "snowflakes"

Miniature bread rack (for Rolife Nancy's Bake Shop)

Pillow box with tab closure, for earring card sized 4"x2". Can be resized. Thin lines are score; thick lines are cut.

Vinyl phrases for my kids' mirror.

Dutch Welcome stacked hanging

I'll add more as time allows.