past productions: university of new hampshire research and outreach groups

Experimental Space Plasma Group, University of New Hampshire Space Science Center

Experimental Space Plasma GroupIn the fall of 1998, the webmaster for the Space Science Group at UNH left for a teaching job, and the group hired me to take care of their outreach and webpages. I had dozens, soon hundreds, of pages to manage, and best yet, I was getting paid for it! The page went through many different iterations as my knowledge of web design expanded, and my design philosophy took shape. I'm still a part-time designer for the group, now known as the Experimental Space Plasma Group, and a screenshot of its current look is at the right. I am especially proud of our outreach pages on the Interstellar Medium.

I also design and maintain pages for several physics courses at UNH, including Introductory Astronomy (one of my first, and thus the least visually appealing to me now!), Introduction to Physics, and a preceptorial on Cosmology and Our View of the Universe. These pages are generally geared towards users with direct, high-speed connections, such as the students on campus, and have a larger screen resolution than other pages.

Screenshots of sub-pages on (ACE and Stereo projects also have their own semi-unique designs)

The Interstellar Medium Tutorial Introductory Astronomy Introduction to Physics Solar Wind and Cosmic Rays (an early, quick page)
Insterstellar Medium
Introductory Astronomy
Introduction to Physics
Solar Wind and Cosmic Rays

New Hampshire Space Grant Consortium

New Hampshire Space Grant ConsortiumThe fall of 1999 brought another project: the New Hampshire Space Grant Consortium was looking to expand and refresh its website.

Recently, NHSGC decided to go with UNH's Research Computing Center to maintain the site, so the screenshot at right is now merely a memory of my design. Admittedly, it was graphics-heavy, but I could have fixed it for a lot cheaper than they're paying now. Oh well. That's academic bureaucracy for you.


GroundWindsMy newest opus is for another UNH organization, GroundWinds. This project, based in New Hampshire's White Mountains, uses a laser to investigate better means of predicting the weather. The site is meant for both outreach and internal use, so combines elements of both the above sites. I am quite fond of the frame design used here, with the clouds and laser (which is actually green, and visible under normal conditions).

This site has since been redesigned and is being maintained by UNH itself.

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