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Summer-weight fabric slings are lighter or have a more open weave than those that do not have the "hot thermometer" symbol. They are great for warm, humid climates, or hot summer days up North. The fabrics are suitable for hot weather, but keep in mind that no fabric will magically keep you perfectly cool in the heat. Babywearing is inherently warm, just as holding a baby is, so while these fabrics will be more comfortable than some of the others, they will not be cooler than not having a little bundle of heat pressed up next to you. (Of course, I think babywearing is still worthwhile in the summer; it just tends to get a little sweaty, no matter what you're wearing, compared to cool-weather babywearing.) All of these slings (aside from the water mesh) can also be used in the winter, especially considering you'll likely be wearing warmer clothes, so please don't think they are only summer slings.

Key to symbols:
Soft and snuggly for newborns: soft and snuggly for newborns (8-20 lbs) Best for 8-28 lbs: best for babies (8-28 lbs) Suitable for heavy babies and toddlers: suitable for babies and toddlers (8-35 lbs)
Please note: every wearer will have her/his own weight tolerance. The slings will hold up to at least 35 lbs, but your own body may not.

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