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** Current turnaround time is business 1-2 days**

Sling shoulder redo

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Love your current unpadded sling's fabric, but not crazy about the way the shoulder is made? Send it to me, and I can remake it with pleats, the Eesti hybrid shoulder, or floating gathered. No length is lost from the original piece (unless you want it shorter or I am unable to remove the existing stitching), and if it has a pocket, I'll make sure it's still on the correct side.

(Go to this page if you want a wrap turned into a sling.)

Preparation: If you have pets or are a smoker, please wash the sling (without fabric softener) before sending it to me -- we are very sensitive to pet dander, cigarette smoke, and perfumes here!

My address is:
Jan Heirtzler
sleeping baby productions
12 Davis Ave
Durham, NH 03824-1940

The "sling size" selector is if you have a long sling that you want redone shorter -- I can't make a short sling longer :)

The price is for redoing the shoulder on a sling that already has rings you like; for another $3, you can also have the rings replaced with new aluminum SlingRings.

For insurance, please select the value below.

Please note: If you have sent a ring sling to me to have the rings replaced or the shoulder re-sewn with overlapping pleats, be aware that such surgery must necessarily result in a voiding of the original manufacturer's guarantees or warranties, as applicable, and that they should no longer be considered liable if the stitching that I did is found to be faulty. (I.e. if you buy a sling from a vendor and I remove her stitching and replace it with mine, if the stitching comes loose, then they should not be found at fault in any way.) If there are other problems with the fabric itself or stitching that I have not taken out or disturbed (i.e. if the hems are sewn poorly, or the fabric itself begins to tear), that may be a consideration for the original vendor, but please be aware that in having a sling disassembled (as for redoing the shoulder) the original vendor will likely disclaim all liabilities. (This would also be the case if the sling were bought second-hand, whether it is altered from its original form or not; guarantees/warranties on baby items are rarely transferable unless it is explicitly stated otherwise.) However, I cannot take personal responsibility for tears in the fabric of a sling if it is not a fabric I would recommend; this is particularly true of thin cottons and the like; this is the buyer's own responsibility.

Many slings that are sewn with simple pleats or other folds are easy enough to redo by removing the stitching and resewing. These would include the *original* MayaWrap (not the newer padded and comfort shoulder designs), Taylor Made, Zolowear, and similar designs.

Those made of thicker fabrics and wrap conversion slings (particularly done with a gathered shoulder) take me a much longer time to unpick the original stitching. Anything with a gathered shoulder (like Girasol-sewn ring slings, floating gathered shoulders, and several other wrap companies gathered shoulder slings) will fall into this category.

I also have problems with some WAHM/non-brand slings -- some have very, very close stitching or lots and lots of stitching at the rings, and it is nearly impossible to remove the stitching from them. In those cases, I generally need to cut the rings off at the stitching, which means the sling will end up between 3-12" shorter than its original length, depending on the distance the original stitching is from the rings. If applicable, please send me a picture of your sling's ring end before sending it, if these conditions might apply, and be aware that I may need to shorten the sling.

I am unable to redo Comfy Joey ring slings by taking out the stitching; there are sewn-in pleats in her design where fabric has been cut out to reduce bulk, and I can't incorporate the cuts into my pleats. I can redo them by cutting off the existing stitching, but that will result in a loss of between 6-8" total from the sling length.

If you just want the rings on an SBP-pleated shoulder sling replaced (different size or color), there's an option for that. It doesn't take me as long to replace the rings on a sling I sewed myself because I don't need to re-pleat or anything like that. Please use this option ONLY for slings that I sewed with standard or retro pleats, and only if the rings are merely being replaced. If the sling is being re-sewn (switching shoulder styles or hems in/out), please do not use this option.

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- 04/30/2017

I have had countless ringslings reconverted by sleeping baby productions. Her turned around time is quick and her communication is excellent. Her website has so much information on it and she is quick to respond to emails or Facebook if you have any questions. One time one of my slings was sewn the wrong side out. She offered to refund me shipping and was happy to resew the sling at no charge. Her eesti shoulder is so comfortable and she has 3 other shoulders to choose from. Something for every shoulder shape and preference! If you need a ringsling, this is where you should have one made!

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Sling shoulder redo
 "Simple pleated" refers to non-wrap fabrics (plain linen, plain cotton, etc). Please don't use it for wrap conversion redos regardless of the way they're sewn, since they are inherently more challenging to undo without ripping wrap threads. "Thick fabrics/already slingified wrap" is for the majority of existing WCRS. However, some shoulder styles are harder to remove the stitching from, which is where the next level comes in. "Lots of stitching" is for slings with gathered shoulders, more than 4 rows of stitching, anything with decorative stitches, hybrid shoulders, and many wahm conversions, which tend to be done with very dense stitching that's very difficult to remove. I reserve the right to send an invoice for the difference in difficulties if the appropriate level is not selected. If in doubt, please email me with a photo before ordering. I'll need to see a close-up of the stitching.

Generally your snug-fitting t-shirt size. Click the Sizing/lengths tab above for a calculator, or see the sizing page for more in-depth information.


Choices can be seen on the shoulder styles page.


Colors can vary slightly from batch to batch, and may not match the photo exactly. If you feel very strongly about the color, please email me with your concerns.


For any other details I will need to know when sewing, please use this box even if we have previously corresponded about the details of your sling; I use the order sheet, not emails, to do my sewing. However, you do not need to repeat the information in the "additional information" section at checkout. This also means that if you don't write something in the "special instructions" box, I am unlikely to remember to do it, so please be thorough when placing your order! If you email afterwards, I might remember to change your order, but I might not be checking emails, and I have unfortunately missed requests that came in via email after the order was placed.


Please select only once per order, not per product. That is, if you have two slings in your order, select insurance value on only one sling for the total value of the package. If you select $0-50 twice, the package will be insured for $50, since it costs nothing for up to $50 and $2.75 for $100.

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