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And, that's 300 slings -- I'll sew these, and expect to reopen on September 22nd, at 1pm Eastern time. If I can open sooner, I'll post on Facebook, as below.

I always post regular updates about the precise time I will reopen the store on my Facebook page. If you "like" my page on Facebook you can get them easily, and if you select "get notifications", Facebook will tell you when I post, which is the best way to get reminders. Otherwise, you can always refresh the home page here and check the Facebook feed in the lower right to see what I've posted.

While the store is closed, the "add to cart" button has been removed to keep new orders from being placed. (Clicking "next" will just take you to the next product, not the next step in ordering.)


If you're looking at a product and can't see any swatches, click on the color selector for that product, pull down until you see the name of the color you're interested in, and then let go of the mouse button. The photo at left will change to reflect the chosen color. If this doesn't work on your browser, please send me an email and let me know.

International babywearing theme

Help celebrate International Babywearing Week (Nov. 12-18) with an accent that highlights mothers across the world! This bright, cheerful fabric is a mosaic of moms and their babies in traditional dress, many using time-honored baby carriers -- see how many you and your children can spot.

For every accent or pocket purchased with this fabric before November 18th, I will donate $5 to Babywearing International, an organization dedicated to the promotion of babywearing as a practice that benefits parents and babies alike.

Show your support for babywearing, and Babywearing International, with this fabric, and help other parents and caregivers learn about its benefits at the same time!

Note: The sling itself must be purchased separately -- this is an add-on which will be sewn to the fabric of your choosing. Price shown does not include base sling fabric.

(Legal stuff: sleeping baby productions is not officially affiliated with Babywearing International, and use of the name does not imply endorsement by BI. I just love BI and want to help them out.)

International babywearing theme
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