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This week's message:

My wonderful husband and I have been married for very nearly 20 years! Our anniversary is the 25th, and to celebrate, we're taking a trip to Montreal next week. Because of the number of orders I currently have in the queue, I have closed the store in order to catch up before we leave. I'll reopen when we come back on the 29th. Slings ordered before the closure *should* be finished before I leave (wcrs, provided they arrive before next Monday -- I can't promise to have them done if they come after then). Turnaround time is currently 4-6 business days (excluding weekends). (Bear in mind that most of my orders come in on the weekend, so orders placed then will ship more slowly than those placed Weds-Fri.) Please note: Postage prices have recently increased, but as always, I charge only the actual shipping cost.

If you're looking at a product and can't see any swatches, click on the color selector for that product, pull down until you see the name of the color you're interested in, and then let go of the mouse button. The photo at left will change to reflect the chosen color. If this doesn't work on your browser, please send me an email and let me know.

Easycare Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

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Easycare wraps are thin, but not too thin, with a wonderfully "giving" weave. I used my Easycare rainbow (#1) sling for years and years with Susan, until she was no longer interested in being carried, and it's one of the few slings I will never part with.

If you have a preference as to which color stripe goes on the top rail when you're wearing it on one shoulder (e.g. wearing on right shoulder, you want the purple stripe on top), please be sure to select a primary shoulder and then let me know which color you want on top in the Special Instructions box. For the new Exclusive Norrsken reboot, if you are ordering a pleated shoulder, please indicate whether you would the pleats to be rainbow colored or navy, and which color you would like on top on your primary shoulder (if it matters) in the "special instructions" section.

I am nearly out of Easycare colors -- those marked (0) next to the color name in the pulldown below are no longer available. Unfortunately, as much as I love Easycare wraps, communication with the company has been very slow, and shipping routinely takes a minimum of 8 weeks and has been as long as 18 months. It's unlikely I will be ordering again unless this improves, but I will certainly happily announce if I am able to get more stock.

Exclusive! Norrssken reboot 25 - Earthtone rainbow 01 - Rainbow 09 - Orange/red stripes  
05 - Olive stripes 13 - Olive block 17 - Gray/green block 14 - Navy/cream block 16 - Cream stripes
19 - Crimson block 20 - Wine/gray block 10 - Wine block 15 - Wine/olive stripes 12 - Crimson/orange stripes
21 - Red/black/gray block 22 - Black/gray stripe 23 - Black/gray block 24 - Black/gray stripes 04 - Navy/blue stripes

Easycare wraps are just that easy to care for! You can wash the sling with your regular laundry and either hang to dry or put in the machine dryer, although the fabric (as with any fabric!) will last longer if it is hung to dry. I have cut the sling about 4" longer than the stated length to account for shrinkage during washing and machine-drying, and it's fine to machine dry it at least once.

Sling size Calculator:
Your height:
Your weight:
Snug t-shirt size:
Desired tail length:
Recommended length:

Easycare Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

I hope to have more colors in stock within the next 2-4 months; unfortunately, communication with and shipping from Austria is on the slower side. Also, please keep in mind that your device may not display the same color mine does. If you feel very strongly about the color, please email me with your concerns.


Generally your snug-fitting t-shirt size. Click the Size calculator tab above for a calculator, or see the sizing page for more in-depth information.


Colors can vary slightly from batch to batch, and may not match the photo exactly. If you feel very strongly about the color, please email me with your concerns.


Choices can be seen on the Construction page.


You do not have to pick a primary shoulder -- the one you will be wearing the sling on the most often -- if your sling does not have a directional element (like fish, birds, or asymmetrical stripes), if you will be switching shoulders frequently, or if the directional element doesn't matter to you. As an example, the same sling is used in both figures at right -- worn on the right shoulder, the red rail is on top; and worn on the left shoulder, the pink rail is on top. (The bottom rail doesn't show when worn because it's tucked under the baby's knees.) So if you specify in the special instructions box that you want the pink rail to be on top, I need to know which shoulder you'll be wearing the sling on, since the color shown on the top rail will change depending on which shoulder you wear the sling on. This "primary shoulder" is only for orienting patterns, since both shoulder styles can be worn on either shoulder. However, if you specify an orientation preference, I must know which shoulder you will be wearing the sling on -- selecting "doesn't matter" means I can't take the orientation into account and will have to email you for clarification, resulting in a sewing delay.

 Which stripe goes on top; pleat colors for Norrsken with standard pleated shoulder; etc.
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