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This week's message:

The shop is open, but orders placed between now and Monday won't be sewn until next week due to the holiday :)

If you're looking at a product and can't see any swatches, click on the color selector for that product, pull down until you see the name of the color you're interested in, and then let go of the mouse button. The photo at left will change to reflect the chosen color. If this doesn't work on your browser, please send me an email and let me know.

Custom fabric ring sling -- not WCRS

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This is for materials that have not yet been hemmed or that need extensive sewing. If you are sending a wrap to be converted into a sling, please use the wrap conversion ring sling link instead -- it will save you at least $5, and more importantly, it includes information that I need to correctly sew a WCRS that isn't included here. If you are sending a sling to be redone, use the sling redo link.


I cannot accept returns on custom-fabric slings. I strongly recommend that you email me with details about your fabric if there is any question about its suitability, since I cannot take responsibility for the fabric you have purchased.

Please note: I strongly recommend against using calico/quilting cottons in a single layer. For one thing, the tight weave makes it a lot less comfortable than other fabrics; and for another, calico/quilting cottons are not intended for weight-bearing functions. (Please read my fabric FAQ for more information.) If you would like a sling using the calico as a tail accent on sturdier fabric, I will be happy to accomodate you. If you choose to use a single layer of calico anyway, I must completely disclaim liability for any rips or tears that occur when the sling is used. If you're interested in a double layer sling, I would recommend contacting Christie at Sweet Pea Ring Slings -- she does beautiful work, and her double layer design is very clever and comfortable.

Please email me before buying and/or sending your fabric. For example, I like lightweight twill for a sling, but some twills are just too thick. I will make a final judgement about its suitability when it arrives, but I'd hate to have you pay to send it to me only to find it won't make a good sling.

How much fabric to buy:

See this page for sizing information, then add at least 6" to account for shrinkage, plus the fabric that is looped where it goes through the rings (3"). Most online fabric sellers deal only in whole numbers, so if you find that you need 78", it's likely you'll have to round up to 3 yards (108"). However, you may find that they will sell in 1/2 yard increments (in which case you could order 2.5 yards, or 90"); please check their policies when ordering. Brick and mortar retailers like Hancock or JoAnn Fabrics will allow you to buy the actual amount you need -- in the example, that would be about 84". I can use the excess yardage to add pockets, or make a snap-on bag for your sling, or just send it back to you.

If your fabric is a fiber that will shrink when washed (cotton, linen, silk, rayon, etc.) and you have not prewashed it before sending it to me, please make a note of whether you will be machine-washing it after you have received it in the options below. If you intend to machine-wash, I will add the appropriate length to the sling, so that it will be as close as possible to the desired length after washing.

The "Weight of fabric" option refers to the physical weight of the fabric you are sending. Heavier fabrics cost me more to mail back. Email me if you're you're ordering it online and are not sure how heavy the fabric will be. By this I mean the physical weight and bulk of the fabric. Some fabrics, like silk and Solarveil, are very lightweight and compact; others, like polar fleece and many bottomweights, are either bulky or heavy or both. I will need to pay the actual shipping cost to send your sling and any excess fabric back to you, and I prefer not to pay that out of pocket. If you pay $9 to send the material to me, it's going to cost me at least that much to send it back. If the cart overestimates the shipping cost, I will refund the difference.

My address is:

Jan A. Heirtzler
12 Davis Ave.
Durham, NH 03824-1940

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