Kids' Pictures

If you have this page bookmarked, it's time to update!

After the failure of my previous new gallery (WebTV users unable to log in, slideshow showing only thumbnail pics, etc.), I've gone to Flickr. Alas, Flickr requires a Yahoo! ID in order to log in, but I have found Yahoo! to be pretty good about not sharing email addresses, as long as you make sure you opt out of communications. I hope this doesn't keep people from signing up!

Anyway, I've uploaded all their pictures, from Stephen's birth through today so there's plenty of material to look at :) They're currently listed by month and year. I will try to add tags to individual photos as I have time to do so. Until then, if you click on a set, thumbnails of the set will download (I'm sorry if this is slow on dial-up connections!) so you can have a glimpse of each picture before downloading the full-size image. I am uploading 1-3x per week, so you may want to check back often :)

Here's the link:

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