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On Sun, 7 Mar 1999, eva wrote:

I was just thinking about you, wondering how you are. Are you upset with me? I hope I have not offended you in any way. If I have, I offer my humblest apology. If you do not wish to hear from me again, please return this mail and I will understand. If this is , indeed, is the case, I wish you and your husband much happiness in life , and I sincerely hope the best to you in future motherhood. It will provide you with love and joy like you have never experienced. Always in my prayers, your pal, Eva

Oh, gosh -- sorry! No, I'm not upset with you (thought that poem was so off-the-mark I could just die laughing ;), I'm just taking my time about replying. I've been giving everything a lot of thought (when I can't sleep, I write letters in my head), and with the pace of work picking up significantly -- a lesson plan I designed is premiering this week -- I haven't had the time I usually take to write. I promise I will return every email as soon as I can -- I have enjoyed our correspondance as well, and wouldn't dream of just up and leaving without letting you know. Sorry to have caused you the concern! :)

Warmest regards,

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