My last email to Eva

From [email protected] Thu Apr 15 00:15:49 1999
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 20:44:41 -0400 (EDT)
From: Reverend Jan 
To: eva 
Subject: Re: your mail

On Sun, 7 Mar 1999, eva wrote:

Just a quick note to let you know how glad I was to hear from you. I really missed hearing from you! Do you know what? Even though we differ in opinions of religion, I sincerely like you. You are kind hearted and have treated me with utmost respect. In addition to that, we seem to be more alike than we are different, as we have a lot of common interests. Hopefully, we can discuss them sometime, and "walk the same path" so to speak. I really would like to hear more about your life and about your views on other issues, and would like to share with you a little about myself as well.

That would be nice -- I haven't been able to gather much about the real you from your website :) while mine pretty much sums up my life (at least as of the last time I could update it, which was a while ago for the important stuff).

I have done some soul searching as of late. Because of my compassion for people, I thought I somehow had to convince them to believe in Christ. Even though it would be wonderful, I discovered I can only hope and pray for them. It is wrong to try to shove Christ or anything else down anyone's throat. That comes far too close to arrogance and pride for my taste. As long as you express an interest in hearing my views on the subject, I would be happy to relate them. Otherwise, when it reaches the point where it is causing tension, please let me know and... well, that'll be it ! :)

It's interesting, the born-again who aided in my conversion in the first place has also come to that conclusion, as have others in the CCC I know. As have I; though I still welcome a good argument, I have come to realize that religion is so beneficial to many people that it would be harmful for me to try to take it away from them. All I can do is present the arguments, if that, and hope that they will still respect me in the morning :) Fr'instance, a friend of mine from long, long ago recently told me she had become a Catholic. While I can't say that I entirely approve of the transition, I know that the rituals and ideas are comforting to her, and I want her to be happy. As long as no one gets hurt in the process, what she does philosophically is up to her, and it's not my business to try to change her mind (unless she wants me to :)

Hope you have a wonderful week, Jan, don't work too hard, and try to get around to watching a sunset or two. Love, Eva

Again, I am awfully sorry to have taken so very long in replying; it's been more than a month, hasn't it? Well, all the better for the ideas to percolate, I guess :) I've caught many a sunset, and have been greatly enjoying Orchestra -- we're playing the Brahms "German Requiem", which is just to die for (no pun intended). Oh, it's just too gorgeous for words, even with our amateur playing. If you lived close to New Hampshire, I'd demand that you come see it on May 9th :) And while a few years ago I might have steamed that we, a public institution, were playing a very religious piece, I am now pleased that we can offer the sentiments, which cross cultural and religious boundaries (it's all about grieving and loss and being at peace with death, which is a worthy ideal no matter what one's beliefs are).

Peace and love,

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This was the last communication I had with Eva. I didn't hear from her in response to this, though she did send me a semi-autobiographical short story she had written. Eva, if you're reading this, I have enjoyed re-reading our correspondance, and feel rather guilty about how rude I was at times (all the "Bzzz! wrong!" kind of stuff). It was uncalled for, as no matter how many times I have been through the arguments, it was the first time I had been over them with you. Anyway, stay well, and feel free to write :)


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