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Piecing a short length of 60"-wide fabric to make a full-length ring sling:

You can either make two slings from a length of fabric that is as long as your completed sling (2 to 2.5 yards), or make a single sling from half that length.

I do not recommend piecing fabrics together unless you have absolutely no alternative. Every seam is a place where the fabric can tear, so it's best to have the fewest seams you can in an application like this. If you have absolutely no other way to make a sling, you can use this method, but I would recommend using it as infrequently as possible and upgrading to a single-piece sling as soon as you can.

Basically, with your 60" wide fabric, you cut along the original fold line (from when the fabric was on the bolt -- so that the two selvages are together opposite the fold), then sew the shorter cut edges together with a sturdy seam (like a French seam) -- ideally, they'd line up better than my pretend fabric below! then you hem the long edge you just cut, the short edge that was cut at the fabric store, and you can either leave the selvage unfinished or hem it, as you prefer.

First cut along the fold line, so that you have two pieces that are 30" by 1.25 yard each:

Please note: Make sure the *selvages* and not the cut edges line up -- otherwise, your sling will be far too long and too narrow!

Preparing the fabric

Next, sew the two pieces together along one of the original cut edges, making a single piece that is 30" by 2.5 yards. A flat-felled seam is the most secure, and is what I use when I need to piece a sling.

Hem the new cut edge. You may also hem the selvage, but I like to keep it as-is, so I can tell the two edges apart when I am adjusting the sling.

Sewing sections together.

Videos are often easier to follow, so here you go:

This one is for making an overlapping join, which you would use to make a very long wrap from two shorter pieces (like a tablecloth):

It's safer and easier to use the full, continuous length, though, and that way, you can make two slings from the yardage -- one to wear and one to give away, or one to wear and one to wash, or one for you and one for your partner.

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