Materials needed:

the Pieces:

Front flap Main pouch Main pouch sides Small pouch sides, side pockets
Small pouch Flap pocket Strap pockets

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Print, pin and cut out pieces, being careful to cut out the required number (and don't double up on some pieces at the expense of others, which I did the last time I sewed this bag!) Leave enough of a long piece to go across your body, for a strap. You might want to experiment with a piece of string or ribbon to see how long to make the strap -- figure out where on your hip you want the bag to rest, then loop the ribbon over your opposite shoulder and back to that place on your hip. Then subtract the width of the back and the length of the strap pouches -- about 20 inches total -- and there's a guesstimate for the strap length!
  2. the main pouch sides seem to be a source of confusion. First, the two pieces must be taped together -- ordinary paper isn't tall enough for it to print as a single piece. Second, the bottom edge of the main pouch side piece should be cut on a fold, so that the fabric pieces are actually twice as long as the paper pattern piece. The piece labeled "main pouch sides" forms both the sides and bottom of the main pouch: it loops around in a U shape, as shown in the line drawing of the small pouch below. The lines labeled "snip here to join to main pouch" will be at the corners of the main pouch front and back.
  3. Hem upper edges of back pocket, flap pocket, and main pouch side pockets.
  4. Attach hook-and-loop tape to the flaps and pockets where indicated:
    1. Two hook strips to outside small pouch piece
    2. Two loop strips to inside flap piece
    3. One loop strip to inner upper edge flap pocket
    4. One hook strip to outside flap piece
  5. Flap and pocket:
    1. Baste flap pocket to flap, matching bottom edge and hook-and-loop tape
    2. Sew flap pieces right sides together, leaving top edge free
    3. Turn and press
    4. If desired, topstitch edges down to, but not over, flap pocket
  6. Baste wrong side of back pocket to the right side of outside main pouch piece
  7. Baste completed flap to the top of that same main pouch piece, right sides together (so that the flap pocket and back pocket are inside)
  8. Side strap pockets and strap:
    1. Attach zippers to side strap pockets according to package directions (basically, you are sewing the top edge of the pocket pieces together with the zipper, if that makes any sense)
    2. Sew along the bottom of the pocket, right sides together.
    3. For the strap, cut a piece of material long enough to go across your body (as above) by around 4 inches wide. Sew along the long edge, turn, and topstitch both sides (if desired). You could also use a piece of wide ribbon, or sew a length of wide bias tape closed.
    4. Stick the end of the strap into the narrow end of the strap pocket, right sides together -- I turned the pocket right-side-out except for that end, which protruded through the zipper opening, and sewed it that way. Then when you pull the strap, you have a nice hidden seam. (You can also do this after the bag itself is finished, for a better idea of how long the strap needs to be.
  9. Baste side strap pockets to main pouch back, right sides together -- being careful to keep the strap straight and not twisted
  10. For the main pouch side pockets (optional):
    1. Hem the upper edge of each side pocket (in step 2).
    2. Sew the bottom edge to the main pocket side, about 1/2" above the snip, right sides together (so that the seam forms the bottom of the pocket when it is folded up)
    3. Fold pocket upwards, and baste raw edges together.
  11. Small pouch:
    1. Sew small pouch sides to their small pouch fronts -- you will end up with two identical pieces, one for the lining, and one (with hook tape) for the outside.
    2. Sew these two pieces, right sides together, along the top edge.
    3. Turn, and sew a channel in place along the top edge for the elastic.
    4. Thread elastic through the channel, and sew one end securely; adjust the other end so that the pouch ga thers nicely.
    5. Baste the other three edges of the pouch together
    6. Baste the edges to the main pouch outside front
  12. Sew the main pouch front and back sections to the main pouch sides, right sides together, catching all other pieces in the stitching. Sew slowly -- there's a lot of material in there!
  13. Sew remaining lining main pouch sections together, leaving a 3" opening for turning.
  14. Sew the upper edges of the outer and lining main pouch, right sides together. (Basically, stuff the outer pouch and all of its parts into the lining pouch, which will be inside-out.) This will be somewhat challenging, with all the stuff in the way inside the pouch.
  15. Turn through the gap in the lining, sew up the gap, and topstitch the upper edge.
  16. If you didn't do the strap in step 7d, take care of it now.
  17. You're done! Go out and enjoy your new bag!