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The Hallway (an Image Map)

Imagemap of the Hallway

Picture taken from the Bedroom Doorway. Note the world map.

The one closet in the apartment

This tiny enclave is the only closet in the apartment. It is also a complete pigsty, so you can't look into it.

The oh-so-lovely pink bathroom

Here is the lovely bathroom. While pink wouldn't be our first choice of colors, the large sink area well makes up for it. The window looks out onto the porch, so needless to say, it is never opened. This picture does make the room look a little larger than it really is, but it's actually about 8' x 5', not at all bad for a bathroom.

Landscape painting 101

My first oil painting (actually water-soluable oils, however that works), from a book on painting.

Crocuses in the Spring

My second painting, of crocuses in the spring. You can't see it,but the stamens are built up in paint.

Tolkein mountainscape

My third painting, a colorization of a drawing from a Tolkein book (The Hobbit, I think). The sky is actually black, but the flash makes it weird.

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