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The Computer Room

This is, theoretically, the second bedroom of this "two bedroom" apartment. However, it would be a tiny, tiny bedroom, being only about 8' by 6', just barely wide enough for the folding table to rest on. This picture a composite of two, and is an image map!

The Gorgeous Stained-Glass Clock made by Lewis Andrea

This gorgeous clock was made by David's Grandfather, Lewis Heirtlzer of Worcester, MA. He is a master carpenter, and has made one of these clocks for every Andrea household.

My poor little Mac Classic from 1991, now consigned to a high shelf and guarded by Francis the Lion.

My poor little Mac Classic, which, having completely outlived its usefulness, is now consigned to a shelf, with only Francis the Lion to keep it company. I turn it on once in a while to make sure it still works, but haven't used it in ages. Anyone want to by a Mac Classic?


Some of my books from college (just a few, mind you :)

These are a few of my book from school. Others are part of my growing science reference collection; I am thinking of home-schooling our future kids, so I want to have a lot of books to go by.

The front side of my violin Emily

The back side of my violin

This is my precious violin, "Emily," so named because when I got her, she smelled like she had been locked up in an attic for a long time. The inlay work on the back was really the whole reason I got this particular violin, though she does sound good, too :)

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